Friday, 21 August 2015


"This month I have mostly been listening too" As The Fast Shows Jed would have said if he had been rattling round Backinthefire Towers, quite a few music purchases this month,Starting with A revisit back to the dark bleak and very grey 1970's Yorkshire inhabited by the legendary axe hero from Wakefield,Mr Bill Nelson's Be bop Deluxe, one of the first bands I ever listened to as a mere slip of a lad all those years ago, great band, totally underrated, Anyway a nice 3 cd plus DVD "At the BBC" set was just crying out to be added to the shopping basket/cart on amazon, and at a great price that was just to good to miss! Nothing new really, nothing that I've not heard before, I'm not a big lover of boxsets mainly due to the endless remixes etc that get catapulted at you.
So we have the proverbial John Peel sessions from 1974 and 1977, a couple from the truly great "in concert" series, the later "sight and sound" series and not forgetting "the old grey whistle test" late night totally live programme, which I must add was one of my introductions to the music scene, now of course in a different format featuring Jools holland being his usual smug self appointed "boogie woogie" piano genius, oops I've deviated from the path into the woods, so let's get back on track!
Not had a chance to view the DVD yet, but the other 3 CDs are cracking, ok a few songs repeated but for me the stand out is the couple of versions of "panik in the world" which showed which direction nelson would be going in towards the end of 1978, with it's "punk rock electric guitar" and keyboards way up front in the mix.
Paul orwell! where do you start? how long you got? the time machine really did work, and we are transported back to the swinging (nearly)psychedelic 60's loads of layer upon layer of menacing guitars, great drum beats, huge cathedrals of hammond organ and trademark distorted vocals, all nicely wrapped up in a government health warning of "PLAY LOUD" which i did and rather a lot of times,and you can see why all his releases are sold out and much sought after by genuine music lovers and not-so genuine (ie the ebay vultures after a quick profit,way of the world now)Of course some might say its all been heard before and it probably has, but and a big but, its very different from whats around at the moment,rather a lot of incredibly dull bands with incredibly dull names and incredibly dull songs pretending they are something they are most definately not,which takes me on to the next 12 inches spinning around at 33RPM and played rather loud,(not wake up the neighbours loud)
THE MOONS Live at Bush Hall, A nice limited edition vinyl only live album, basically a round up of the last two albums and a couple of early songs, Maybe I'm of the totally 100% biased opinionated opinion of the moons but it should have been a Double! Great mix of classic well written well played  songs, the many influences are there, but not at the forefront, but just little nods towards the Beatles, t-Rex, early 70s rock, you know the score,Andy Crofts is right up there on the top table of Classic British songwriters sat nicely along side weller, Davies, morrisey, Gallagher, strummer, bolan and Townsend, add or delete your own thoughts to this line up.
So Theres a couple or 3 albums to go and search out, still working my way thru the Acid Jazz Boxset and still making my mind up,maybe a review to come later!!

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