Friday, 8 May 2015


Part 2! I could have readers of the blog thinking I'm turning into an alcoholic!,Comes a time in life when you realise that the common and popular brews on most bars are Shite!! Namely your carling,Heineken, carlsberg, god forbid Fosters,john smiths,you get the picture? I've been a long time fan for over thirty years of "wife beater" or good old Stella Artois,lovely drink,some daft reason some people claim they can't handle it, I'm digressing and going slightly of subject like i always do!
Ok on a recent trip to london i did a bit of research beforehand on what decent brews i could find
And Camden came up quite a lot,and as we where making our way up to the Camden (chalkfarm) roundhouse I thought I was sorted, but alas great plans  sometimes don't come with a win,and we didn't go in the right bars that served it.
Craft and Dough a great little pizza restaurant in the Kelham Island area of Sheffield has a huge selection of craft beers including Camden and some great pizzas, coming in a can,on pouring it had a lovely clear golden colour to it and a nice clean strong head,and of course all poured into a nice Camden logo glass. Nice little "fizz" to it as well! This is a lovely cool crisp lager,loads of body and quite refreshing from first to last drop, I bought a couple of bottles recently at £1.50 a bottle it's a steal,in fact the bottled is in my opinion far superior to the  canned  version, a lovely strong colour tasty and aromatic,great artwork on the labels as well very eye catching Which I think draws you in as it stands out from the crowd.

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