Monday, 29 July 2013


Here's a great video I found on you tube,I'm not one for trolling for hours on you tube,in fact I don't tend to really go on it.However I thought this was a great snapshot of the great times that as youth's myself included had!the great comradeship and the fun times im not quite sure the youth of today would go to such lengths as we did back then,and all we had was a map,beer and mates! No mobiles,Internet or satnavs to find our way there and back! enjoy! many thanks to the lad who has uploaded these please go and view his other films

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Here's my previous Lambretta,over the years it had various incarnations and colours,engine sizes but it ended up as a super reliable GP200 stage 4 built by Ralph Saxilby well know scooter racer engine builder and all round Nutcase! originally the scooter was an Italian import bought from Armando's in Sheffield, colour was the light blue and obviously came as a DL125 wish i had kept the DL badge now actually, i did loads of miles over the years on it and when i had the money went for a complete rebuild, shopped around a bit as i wanted it all done together,engine rebuild body paint etc, went to MB Developments and they only did engines,as i wasn't confident about putting it all together i didn't bother,few lads i knew on the scene put me on to RS Tuning in doncaster owned by Ralph,if you don't know him, he is a bit hard to get hold of, never answers phone and even thou he has a big shop front he always has the door locked and would be in the workshop round the back,i managed to collar him and had a chat and he was really sound with me,advised me on loads of stuff about what i wanted, some of which i didn't really listen to,but wish i had,started off as him just doing me engine and ended up with complete rebuild, i wanted a 175 top end and he suggested to me a 200 top end,which i eventually went back 2 years later and had! project started in September and after a few visits over the next 6 months it was ready in April,frame had been blasted back to metal,
 forks striped and rebuilt,new panels, all engine block powder coated, same with rims,front dampers added,Kegra Expansion chamber exhaust in stainless fitted, standard GP gearbox,new 

clutch new crank 12 volt Kit fitted,everything was done so neat,loads of rubber added between fixings and panels and headset! it was kind of an in joke with my scooter mates having bits of rubber everywhere! most important was the 175cc top end tuned to a stage 4 with a 28mm dellorto carb,few weeks of messing with carb to get it set up right but once i opened it up,boy this scooter could fly!over that year i put some miles on it, using it for work rallies etc, over 4000 miles i did on it in probably 8 months,towards end of October of that year it was really flying on our way to bridlington for the end of year custom show it was pulling a healthy 70 mph at times and it felt like a bit more was there as well,it would sit and cruise at 55mph-60mph,coming back on a windy Sunday it really flew just as we where getting on to winter it was coming into its own,in 2001 it was out of the shed pretty early that year, loads of rallies come and went it was used for work and at the time me and my wife would go out on Sundays and have a ride out to fox house or ecclesall road to Nonnas the Italian coffee bar people would stop and look and admire, the IOW was a good end to the summer,i was straight back from Greece on the Thursday night and off Friday morning. I was looking to improve it and you always want more speed so back to Ralph's and I had the usual "Told you so" so a 200 casing was sourced and left for ralph to build,over the winter I did the odd thing to it,so come 2002 it was back running and with a few alterations was set to go, engine back in and just running it in,when one Saturday I decided to go the half mile to the cash point,parked up went to the machine turned round and there was a prick reversing into it in a landrover,it got knocked over with the mudguard completely crushed the leg shields damaged forks bent,i went crackers and the guy had the cheek to blame his wife in the passenger seat for not telling him! so it got towed home and the usual insurance pain in the arse,luckily I had some mates who rallied round and we got the odd bodywork to tide me over,eventually all the insurance got sorted and new bodywork painted and ready to go on,i didn't ride it much that year as we where expecting our 1st child and that was the most important thing so the scooter got left a bit, I did a few rallies but not long distance, whilst I still had some spare cash I decided to customise it a little bit,i found a company that would scan and print some of my old favourite record covers on to vinyl think it worked out at £10 each a bargain! as the pictures show they looked rather well and a great job was done by Derek at Absolutely scooters putting them on without creases and the 10 coats of lacquer they had! was well pleased,especially with the one on the legshields,so our son came along and the only rally I did was out in Derbyshire at a Ukrainian scout camp or something! that was 2003 and my last rally, I kind of fell out with the club I was in this was due to changing work patterns and with working nights I just couldn't get to the meetings so I kinda dropped out of the scene,needing a new car for work and family I had to sell the scooter in 2006 which was a hard decision, really regretted it as prices have gone sky high with a lot of "new" faces on the scene,lads who couldn't have scooters when they where young, and now without mortgages have that extra cash,I'm back in the scene a bit and I don't really know many from Sheffield they seem to have sprung up,quite a few of my old club mates just dropped out,in fact quite a few moved on to the VW Beetle and Camper van scene,so I'm back now and lets see how things turn out!