Thursday, 20 June 2013


 Sheffield Aces Scooter Club meet Wednesdays at the Okeh Café in the nether edge area of Sheffield, great café, and run by and for scooterists,mods, whatever you want to call or name,Anyway 2nd trip on Series 2 with my mate Dave (Li150) and the place is quite full of lads having there teas and drinks and admiring each others scooters for the 100th time, just general stuff we all tend to do,Grabbing the most attention was Russell's new creation, his Lambretta Li125 Series 2 with added Watsonian Side Car,Simply Stunning! loads of admiring glances and people driving past slowly to have a peek,the sidecar was stunning trimmed in a very light brown to match the blue/green paintwork,So anyway back to a nice bit of sausage,eggs and chips, and a quick chat and a run out to the Ranmoor Inn  in the "POSH" Part of Sheffield,30 or so scooters set off back along Abbeydale Road along London Rd and then via Ecclesall Rd where people sat outside the cafes and bars all stopped what they where doing to take in this great sight of lambrettas and vespas in different colours and arrangements thrash along, We got to Hunters Bar to turn left and oh dear I'm holding the clutch in and its wanting to go,looks like my clutch cable is going,quick drop down in to neutral and I'm safe,couple more turns and we are climbing up a steep hill towards ranmoor and as we get to the top theres a few cars coming and the scooter is creeping forward so I stalled it and pushed it across the road to the pub!On entering the pub one of the lads had spotted the Piano in the corner and was thrashing out a cracking tune to the delight of the locals,so I got a drink and wandered back outside,tool kit out panels off and a quick adjustment of the clutch cable and its sorted!

What i need to do is have a couple of hours going thru stuff like this lately i've just not had the time,so a quick blast back down to broomhill and then towards ecclesall rd and we are racing each other back up woodseats road towards home!

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