Friday, 17 May 2013


Finally got around to getting the series2 tested,off to Armando's scooter shop in Sheffield,which is handy as its 10 Min's ride,the more i looked the scooter over the more i had the feeling it wasn't quite right,once the panels where off the workmanship didn't look very good,i just put it down to it being a different model,however i was proved right,the throttle didn't seem right to much slack in it,and the brakes where very poor,the ride was so bumpy.
I left the bike with Guido and came back an hour later and a buddy was outside the shop,"that bike is nice Pete but got some major issues"oh no here we go,so Guido is telling me its basically a death trap,OK here we go the front forks are seized,the wiring loom is all over the place,and more serious the petrol lever is rubbing away at the cable! I'm sat on a gallon of petrol waiting to be ignited!!the front and back brakes Need replacing,the wiring loom is hanging down over the rear wheel,the brake adjuster spring is at its max,plus the brake cable has been run thru the wrong way,so if the bike has been rode 2 up the weight has been pushing down the rear brake causing it to be on! 
So I'm pretty gutted,i starting getting bad feelings about it,going to cost a bit to put right,but its things i would have been doing anyway only later!

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