Thursday, 9 May 2013


So here it is! My New Lambretta Li Series 2! not had a scooter since 2005 and its been a long hard slog to get back on the road,prices have shot up over the last few years,i looked at getting a Restoration project and it was looking like going that way, until I produced some badges for a old mate from Rotherham scooter club who put me on to this scooter,just what I wanted as well,been restored by its previous owner who had the engine built by a lad who races scooters and works for Chiselspeed scooters, and the body work was blasted by to bare metal and sprayed by the ever reliable Absolutely Scooters in Sheffield,So I'm near enough back on the road! just a test and then the tax sorted and away we go!The scene has changed quite a bit in the last few years that I've been away,in that time I've seen my son go from nursery to infant school to junior school,from being mad on cars to being mad on football, with most Sunday's stood in a park/football pitch watching him play,not complaining about that at all long may it continue,but it was really strange to get back on scooter,i never realised how attached I came to my old GP200,I knew every nut and bolt, every inch of that scooter it was a part of me!This one I'm just going to ride,not messing around with it at all,going to ride it for a couple of years and then see what the money situation is and maybe have it resprayed in my own colours etc, scooters are a very personal thing,and reflect the owners way of life, unlike cars where the majority of us buy cars on what we have in our pockets and not on colour etc.
So hopefully I will be doing a bit more posting in the near future,i cant seem to get to grips with the mobile app so back to the old school of using the computer!


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