Friday, 2 November 2012


One thing about Sheffield is you are never far from the countryside or a park or trees! i had a walk along the river don earlier this week, less then a mile from the centre of Sheffield and amongst busy factories and warehouses is this great stretch of the Don,Called Salmon Pastures,the name coming from well over 100 years ago when salmon where making there way up the don all the way from the sea, Times have certainly changed and the River has gone full cycle from being totally devoid of fish or any animal and plant life it is now a thriving river again,due to quite a bit of it being shallow the deeper areas hold good stocks of Roach,Chub,Barbel,Trout and the odd Grayling,the floods of 2007 wrecked  quite a bit of the banksides and over 20 years work put in by various groups and businesses,However its looking like its on the up again, and is a great place to while away a couple of hours or do the walk from the town centre to meadowhall in the east end and beyond to rotherham!When i get some time i will do a more in depth post and maybe a journey from town to meadowhall!