Monday, 30 January 2012


Here is 4 john peel magazine sessions, found on a disc earlier this week and thought i would share it with you! great band magazine and the 1st album  "real life" ive recently "rediscovered" after 25 years or so! here are 4 sessions, im not sure if they actually did anymore but these are very very good indeed!


  1. Hi Pete. let me know if you want the full Peel Sessions as I've got 'em all. Great to see another blog featuring the god like Devoto, Adamson & McGeogh!! All the best for now, Skamanc.

    PS I've recently posted three tracks from their brand new album...

  2. hi pete,

    "Great to see another blog......" i totaly agree skamanc !!
    i open my ears for magazine - 2 years ago (shame on me) sure i know the buzzcocks devoto.with skamanc`s blog came magazine to me and i fell in love.the 2011 record "No Thyself" was one of my favourite cd`s last year.

    all the best and greetings from ice-cold germany
    herr Pauli

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