Tuesday, 10 January 2012


i first came across the killermeters years and years ago one night at a small club in the suburbs of sheffield, namely the KGB club which at the time played a lot of northern soul tunes, this night however it was a mod night and as usual around this time there where was loads and loads of scooters parked outside it was truly a great little venue,what i heard was there single twisted wheel which was a song that was basically about what was happening the KGB at the time! the b-side was SX225 which was a great scooter song,so here we are  back in 2012 and i was hunting thru some cd's and came upon this great comp of just about everything they recorded all together on one great cd,the later tracks are from when the band changed there direction and became soldiers are dreamers(yes i know) got to see the killermeters couple of years ago and the band gig every now and again, theres not much chucked about on the internet about this truly great band apart from the usual myspace stuff,im sure they would benefit from a proper website eh?


  1. Cheers for download,look forward to having a listen
    cheers rich

  2. I was compiling a list of songs about scooters and came across SX225 recently, I have to say I had forgotten all about The Killimeters until then, look forward to listening to this.