Friday, 2 November 2012


One thing about Sheffield is you are never far from the countryside or a park or trees! i had a walk along the river don earlier this week, less then a mile from the centre of Sheffield and amongst busy factories and warehouses is this great stretch of the Don,Called Salmon Pastures,the name coming from well over 100 years ago when salmon where making there way up the don all the way from the sea, Times have certainly changed and the River has gone full cycle from being totally devoid of fish or any animal and plant life it is now a thriving river again,due to quite a bit of it being shallow the deeper areas hold good stocks of Roach,Chub,Barbel,Trout and the odd Grayling,the floods of 2007 wrecked  quite a bit of the banksides and over 20 years work put in by various groups and businesses,However its looking like its on the up again, and is a great place to while away a couple of hours or do the walk from the town centre to meadowhall in the east end and beyond to rotherham!When i get some time i will do a more in depth post and maybe a journey from town to meadowhall!

Monday, 29 October 2012


Here's a great band from sheffield with a serious love of good sixties/garage/punk music,What a great name! you just know when certain bands have great names they are going to be good, and good is what they are in fact fucking brilliant is more like the word,ive not got around to seeing the band live yet,ive met a couple of the lads briefly and one of the lads dad who looks after the band and has a great deal of faith in the band (proper father)
You can also find more seeds music at the link below

Monday, 22 October 2012


Wow Hawley at the magna centre with the BBC Philharmonic great BBC 6 recording of Richard Hawley just before starting his recent UK Tour.This recording features various songs from across Hawley's recent albums,Great to see Hawley touring again and the new album "standing on the sky's edge" is so good and quite heavy in places,and with yet another reference to sheffield in the title


Friday, 18 May 2012


Things in life can go full circle,from the age of 20 onwards when my mod/punk period ended and all the great bands i had followed had split up,i strayed down different paths,from around 1983 or so music took a great big back seat,all my mod gear got sold off to the younger up and coming mods in the area and i descended into the arms of the designer labels,however over the last 30 years ive been a constant customer of a shop called Direction,The shop has been selling quality clothes for well over 30 years and the same lad has owned it all that time,and he has always been ahead of fashion,last week i was in and bought a Pretty Green tee shirt,proudly walking back along woodseats with my purchase in a direction bag, and this has been a regular thing since 1983,me with a big smirk on my face with a direction bag walking along woodseats,i did this 30 years ago and still doing it now, as was commented to me by a old school friend,"you never change" so where is this leading?To start with ive had nearly every type of "the latest" pair of jeans thats come out over the last 30 years,far to many to mention and describe,So here i am with my 1st pair of levi 501s in around 15 years,took me a while to get the right fit,years ago they where just the one shade and  style now theres loads of different colours, me i want the traditional ones the ones i had back in 79-80!
I dont know the history in great detail of the 501s but various youth cultures over the last 50 years have made it there own, they feel like no other jean,and a slight alteration makes them the property of "your culture! the teddy boys and the rockabillies would buy longer fits and turn them up by 4-5 inch, the skinheads would have them cut and turned halfway between the knee and the ankle to show off the tops of the DMs,punks would rip em, mods would turn them up by 1 inch, some would bleach them,i once  bleached a pair of old levi's when i was 16 back in the summer of 1980,it was belting down with rain and my parents where away,my best mate was round at ours and we had 2 pairs of jeans in a bucket of bleach sat right in the middle of the garden,when there was a knock at the door,on opening the day there was stood there a little old woman around 80 years old with a young boy maybe 7 or 8,she was my mums cousin from dublin and she had on the spur of the moment come over to england and decided to visit us via manchester,she came in and stopped a couple of hours to just dry off,by this time me and my mate had completely forgot about the jeans outside in the bucket,when we did we ran out and found we now had 2 pairs of completely white 501s,not quite ruined but not quite what we where after!,i had at one time 8 pairs of 501s,thats all i ever wore,along with Fred Perry and Ben Sherman's that was my kind of uniform.
Why the post? well im back in them, on an evening out i had 501s,Fred Perry polo and black Loafers,and you know it brought a tear to my eye,here i was dressed as i used to do all the time back in the day,when it was my normal attire,and i never thought twice about what i was wearing as i always knew it looked great, i looked at myself and realised that it felt right and why all those years of  following various (good and bad) fashions seem just wasted when i should have stuck to what i know and love(d) so thats me done im back in  my fav 501s,like all great classics they will never go out of fashion,simply stylish and easy to wear and the more washes the better the look! My wardrobe is starting to look like it did back in the late 70s and early 80s

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Monday, 13 February 2012


Found this lurking around in a box so converted it and here you go,not sure of the quality as i cant remember the last time i listened to it.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


The Ramones,3rd album was Rocket To Russia,released in 1977 this was one of the 1st albums i bought,it may have been the 3rd one actually, i bought this back in 1977 as a 13 year old from virgin records in Sheffield which at the time was situated at the bottom of the soon to be pedestrianised Moor, it was a great hangout for all the new punks and kids who liked this "new music" that had just arrived,So why you may ask am i posting regarding this band and album? well I've been going back over stuff that I've had for years and at present I'm struggling to find anything newish that takes my fancy,and plus the Ramones are a F**king truly great underrated band!,plus i have a small tale  to tell regarding the images you see on this post,this album was the last with the original drummer Tommy ramone,the album is a cross between surf rock and punk which was recorded in Manhattan New York,as is the norm with the ramones,the album was all short 2 minute long songs, so if you ever got bored with one track then you could just pick the needle up and move it along! or nowadays just program your cd/mp3 player to play the ones you like! how times have changed,Here's the tracklisting on the original vinyl album,from the opening guitar riff of cretin hop i was totally hooked on this great band,
Cretin Hop
Rockaway Beach
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
Locket Love
I Don't Care
Sheena Is a Punk Rocker
We're a Happy Family
Teenage Lobotomy
Do You Wanna Dance?
I Wanna Be Well
I Can't Give You Anything
Surfin' Bird
Why Is It Always This Way?

looking at the inside cover of this album the graphics are truly great and point very much towards a band who did what they wanted to do and didnt need a stylist etc to create an image for them,i got to see the band in 1980 and it's the only time ive seen them alas,so heres the story behind the autographs.myself and a few mates would always be hanging around outside various venues in sheffield in the late 70s and early 80s,at first wagging school and later having days off work or leaving early,the ramones where playing the sheffield top rank it was a sunday and we would usually hang around trying to get in for the soundchecks etc,there was quite a few other lads and lasses hanging around and the ramones road crew in and out with stuff,we finally got in for the soundcheck around 30 or so of us and the ramones run thru a few numbers stopping every so often to adjust some piece of equipment, when the sound check was over the band just jumped off the stage and everybody started talking to them and it was a nice friendly atmosphere with the band as curious about us as we where about them,others had various items such as records and posters tee shirts etc i had this album with me,the band where great, nothing was too much trouble for them, fans posed for photos with them, i went round the band getting the cover signed,and as usual with me something happened,my pen ran out! as you can see i have 3 autographs on this cover,all in all we must have had 2 hours in there chatting and mulling around with other fans,oh yeah and it was a truly great concert that night as well! around 1992 i took the cover to a record fair to get a valuation on it,not that i was going to sell,there was a couple of stalls selling stuff like this and a guy on one reckoned around £10! which was greeted with loads of abuse from me!after all he was a long haired rocker anyway!here we are now in 2012 minus dee dee ramone,johnny ramone,and we cant forget joey ramone, 3 truly great musicians now reformed in another life!looking back on my youth, what are the chances now of meeting your favourite band or artist? probably not good if you hang around the venues,they have security all over the place and just dont have the time for the people that really matter to them ie the fans,they treat you as if you are some crazy stalker hellbent on inflicting pain or attacking them,im glad i grew up in that era,where everything now seems so simple!! enjoy the ramones!

Wednesday, 1 February 2012


the mighty tree in graves park,this must have been taken thousands of times!
 So how was 2011 for you? here we are at the end of January and as usual it went very very quick! Xmas was out of the way and in came the new year! i posted a great big fat zero in December,mainly due to the usual virus that was going around and when i was in work i was busy as hell! Great things these viruses they can help you and also break you,i spent a good 8 days mostly in the bathroom and during that period i lost around 10LB in weight,so once i was nearly back to full fitness Christmas was upon us and  it gave me a chance to get back to my (fighting)weight,alas it went to far and i put back on what i had lost and also gained another 6-7 LB, and it made me feel washed out,however some of that weight may be down to growing a beard! 1st time ever!
Back to work we go! 4th Jan came around and back we where,a few days before everybody was wishing each other a happy new year etc and back on planet reality its just the same old same old,groundhog day whatever you want to call it, for myself and family,2011 was a hard year,although i did manage to keep the new year resolution that i made myself,hurrah!! and financially in better shape which in these times can only be a  good thing, many thanks eBay!!
So the mighty Wednesday just keep getting better and better (famous last words) new year's eve and a massive win at Preston which was needed as we had thrown 5 points away in the previous 2 games,so the 1st game of the year and a 2-1 win at home to tranmere rovers to keep our unbeaten home record going,following Sunday was the FA CUP 3rd round at home to west ham united a truly great performance and chris o'grady knocking in a great winner with a couple of minutes to go,bring on Blackpool in the 4th round! here's the league table and how we stood on the 7th Jan 2012.
Looking at the most viewed postings since i started the blog i find that out of the top ten there is 4 that are music downloads, with the other 6 made up of various other ramblings etc, the most popular is regarding hunting down Fred perry's and the most popular music download is the soundtrack to "This is England" i also find that amongst the top ten is a posting regarding the motorway crash involving tons of marmite! maybe people are surfing in after finding the said posts on various searches,I've toyed with the idea of deleting some of the more popular posts and then seeing what else makes its way to the top!

A visit to the game of the day,the  league one table top clash between the leaders and 2nd place saw Wednesday lose there 100% home record to what i thought was a pretty ordinary Charlton athletic side who came to grab a goal and shut up shop,which they seemed to do quite nicely,a late strike from Gary madine(goal machine) was ruled offside which would have probably given us a point or maybe we would have snatched the whole 3 points!still we must pick ourselves up and get back to winning ways,On another note yet again a great crowd of nearly 27000 with the visitors bringing maybe 800,poor showing from the leaders,as Wednesday took at least 3000 to the valley,but there you go!

not much has happened at all in January,no gigs no nights out,its been pretty boring and skint!my son has been out and done more socialising then us!my son's team had 2 games cancelled due to bad weather,one week a waterlogged pitch and the other when it was flooded,they finally got to play away at worksop on what must have been the windiest day for a long time,situated nearby was a massive wind farm turbine and i kidded one of the parents on that if it was turned off there would be no wind!2nd home game in a week to hartlepool united and it had to be back to winning ways, on a windy day Wednesday had trouble getting the ball down and playing and with a couple of chances to go in at halftime 2-0 it looked like it was not going to be there day,with i thought hartlepool having the better 1st half,so it was a quick dash to the pie shop and a hot chicken balti pie and a hot dog for the lad,and it's the 2nd half,with Jermaine Johnson coming on as a sub in the 2nd half it looked like it was going to be all out attack,however with JJ you never know what you are getting and with his 1st touch he gave the ball away only for the monkey hangers to nick a goal from a corner,so here we go,chasing a game yet again,luckily Jermaine redeemed himself with a banging run down the left around 3 players and bang! straight in the bottom right corner of the net,to which the crowd erupted!constant pressure from Wednesday and Gary madine(goal machine) made it 2-1 with a sweet left footer,it looked like Wednesday where back on track,but alas the pool got the ball and there player lobbed Nicky weaver who had come off his line to make it 2-2,quite a few bad calls from a terrible ref (for both sides i may add) and the game ended with the scores on the doors at 2-2.
Catch up time with fixtures and a Tuesday night away at scunthorpe united saw Wednesday go 0-1 up within a minute with a chris ogrady strike and going in at halftime with a 0-2 lead with again o'grady finding the mark and to finish the game off Jermaine Johnson with another truly great strike with scunny getting a goal back to end the game 1-3 winners and up to 53 points in the table and level 2nd!I'm a bit stuck for stuff to post at the minute, as I've not listened to much music lately I'm at a bit of a loss,couple of ideas are to post some stuff regarding the stranglers,mainly a few things from my collection of badges and tickets,great band and before Xmas i had the 1st album on constantly on the good old mp3!as most bloggers will no doubt know posting can take time and with the closure of mega upload,its one less file hoster out of the window,i started with send space when i first started blogging,but found that certain files would not upload,they would stop with 99.9% uploaded so i had to start again.

yes Dave is the name of the mouse that we have suddenly got living behind the cabinet's in our lounge,I'm sat there Tuesday night watching football on the TV when i thought i saw movement out of the corner of my eye,as i was tired and been at work all day and put it down to that,5 minutes later something moved at the side of our TV,it was a mouse! calling my wife and son in we looked behind the TV unit and took everything out,i even held my mobile down the side of the cabinets and took photo's to find it but no,my wife reckons I'm seeing things, but 2 days later me and my son are sat have breakfast whilst watching TV before school and "Dave" appeared again,that night whilst watching TV my wife suddenly turned the TV down as she could hear some noise coming from the cabinet beside her,on opening the cabinet there it was a lovely little field mouse! we tried to catch it but no chance,so we cleared the cabinet out and my left a lump of cheese,a grape and some water,we did the same Thursday night,and on Friday i bought a mousetrap from homebase, a catch and release one by the way,how ironic that the huge mega "pet store" only sold the ones that kill em!well the trap was set on Friday night and obviously we where dealing with a smart mouse as he wasn't in it on sat morning,however it looked like he had actually climbed on top and his weight had managed to tip the trapdoor shut! sat night we stuck him some food in it and Sunday morning,hey presto!! one captured mouse!which was safely returned to the wilds of the top of our garden,please view the short clip my wife took of him on release,over in Blackpool the same weekend Wednesday where running riot by going 0-1 up to the championship side and with 20 Min's left megson did a brave swap of a attacker for a defender,this was to stop us having to play yet another extra game,but alas the referee crumbled and gave a very very soft penalty to the tangerines from which that old warhorse Kevin Phillips scored to end the game 1-1 and a replay,which is the last thing we need at the minute as league one is our priority and with a small squad we don't want to risk any injuries at this point in the season,And to our last game of this month, away at the MK Dons and a bizarre 1-1 draw with 2 own goals? not seen the goals as yet but i cant remember the last time any of our games ended up like that! roll on February! and birthday time!!

Monday, 30 January 2012


Here is 4 john peel magazine sessions, found on a disc earlier this week and thought i would share it with you! great band magazine and the 1st album  "real life" ive recently "rediscovered" after 25 years or so! here are 4 sessions, im not sure if they actually did anymore but these are very very good indeed!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


i first came across the killermeters years and years ago one night at a small club in the suburbs of sheffield, namely the KGB club which at the time played a lot of northern soul tunes, this night however it was a mod night and as usual around this time there where was loads and loads of scooters parked outside it was truly a great little venue,what i heard was there single twisted wheel which was a song that was basically about what was happening the KGB at the time! the b-side was SX225 which was a great scooter song,so here we are  back in 2012 and i was hunting thru some cd's and came upon this great comp of just about everything they recorded all together on one great cd,the later tracks are from when the band changed there direction and became soldiers are dreamers(yes i know) got to see the killermeters couple of years ago and the band gig every now and again, theres not much chucked about on the internet about this truly great band apart from the usual myspace stuff,im sure they would benefit from a proper website eh?