Tuesday, 1 November 2011


As the clocks have changed and those nights are drawing in i thought it would be nice to try and take a photo a day to kind of document this month,with October being very mild and having sunshine at the start we are heading towards the shortest day (December) no other reason really but an excuse to get out in the fresh air!
So here's my 1st photo of the month,OK its a cheat as i took this photo on Friday the 28th October on yet another visit to our great park,just behind the set of trees is the pitch my son plays u9s on,one thing about this area of the park, its always windy!we had a couple of hours here having a go at crossbar challenge,although my son is soon to be 9 he had a good crack at hitting the crossbar a few times,unfortunately he didnt have his goal scoring boots on, on sunday,still you cant win em all!!

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