Friday, 4 November 2011


Here we have the avenue or boulevard which is the entrance to the Norfolk park, a large park maybe 10 minutes walk from the centre of Sheffield, this was taken on Thursday 3rd around midday,i had passed by this entrance when i was taking a shortcut to work on the previous day around 9ish and the sun was out and it was looking like a promising day with the leaves falling off and the sun reflecting of the leaves giving it a great combination of autumn browns and golds i cursed myself as i didnt have time to stop and take some photos so i made a point of going the same way the following day,however we had had some rain the previous night and it was quite a dull day,Sheffield has the most trees per person in the UK and given the sunny start to October its turned Sheffield into a mass of lovely autumn colours that unfortunately will not last due to rain etc,So the Norfolk Park? well not a lot i can really say regarding this park as strangely its one of the few parks in Sheffield i haven't been in,around the august bank holiday there is always a giant reenactment of a medieval battle which attracts thousands,maybe a visit Thu the park sometime?

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