Wednesday, 2 November 2011


Ok,here we are with the 1st photo of the month, this was taken on the 1st november,this is the bacon lane stretch of the sheffield canal,what im trying to do give a bit of a background to some if not all of the photos im hoping to take this month,i couldnt have wished for a better day in fact it was just before midday on my way to work,and ive been planning on having a walk the length of the canal from the city centre down towards its meeting point with the river don at tinsley,not sure why this part is called bacon lane apart from the narrow bridge which goes over the canal carrying the aforementioned bacon lane ,a lot of heavy industry has been situated at one time or the other around sheffields canal,probably the same as most large cities with canal networks,my point of this photo was at one time i was always fishing on this length of the canal and usually either side of the bridge,ive had some great days catching roach,skimmers and the odd carp fishing up towards the far bank reeds with a pole,Now another reason which in fact has just come to me was the scene in the well known Full Monty film where the main characters where perched on top of  a car roof in the middle of the canal, was just filmed 50 yards further up from here,im really happy with this photo as it was such a great morning with the canal still and reflecting the buildings giving a mirror image,and the browns of the fallen leaves,even more so is the fact ive taken it on my mobile phone,which im probably going to do for the whole of  this little project,not sure of the next picture.............wait until tomorrow!!

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  1. As a keen photographer myself, this is a great pic. I love walking the canal near me and have always got my SLR with me. Keep up the great work.