Thursday, 24 November 2011


Oh dear! not got very far with this little project now have I? ok just not had time, busy busy busy! So here's  No 9,i love pizza's and i love making em, so heres one i made at the weekend, probably make em blindfold,what you need is
1000Gms strong white flour
650ml tepid water
2x 7gm sachet of yeast
tablespoon of sea salt
tablespoon of golden castor sugar
add the salts to the flour and tip on to a surface and make a well with the flour, then add your yeast and sugar to your water mix well and leave to stand for a couple of minutes,then slowly add to your flour whilst bringing in the sides of your flour into the mix with a fork,when your dough gets too heavy to bring in with the fork use your hands and keep adding your water to the flour until you have a nice mix,then need your dough by pushing away with your left and pulling towards you with your right, place in a bowl with some flour and cover with clingfilm for around an hour or until it has doubled in size,split your dough into 4 for large pizzas or 6 for medium,roll out until your base is around  3mm deep and then add your tomato sauce and cheese and whatever toppings you like cook in a hot oven for around 6-8 minutes and enjoy!!
For garlic bread i chop up a bulb of garlic and then razz it with a hand blender slowly adding a good glug of olive oil until its a nice paste,you can also add some herbs or chopped chilli's to give it a bit of a bite,then spread it on your rolled out base and cook,for 5 mins or so,we tend to add grated cheese and mushrooms to it so its more of a cheesey garlic bread! for pizza's i add chopped garlic to a teaspoon of olive oil and fry for around a minute being careful not to burn it,i then add chopped basil and  a 400g tin of tomatoes and slowly simmer whilst mashing the tomatoes with a spoon or fork,i may add tomato puree to make the sauce thicker some times,i then let it simmer until some of the tomato juice has thickened up, i then let it cool and spread on a rolled out base and then add lumps of mozzerella cheese and then toppings,you can add anything you want to pizzas as long as they dont take long to cook,and remember less is more!
My favourite is chilli's with herbs and an egg in the middle,and the one thing with this recipe is that the crust is still nice and soft!!

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