Tuesday, 8 November 2011


And now for something completely different, as the pythons used to say! i was kind of stuck for something to photograph as the weather was crap and i just didnt feel like going out anywhere,as my list of places i wanted to photograph just wouldnt have looked right in this weather,so my good old M65 fishtail parka was hung on the wardrobe so i decided to take a quick snap of the badges ive got on it,i had an original fishtail parka back in 1979 when still at school which i bought with saved up dinner money!think i was the 1st kid in our school with one at the time, however thats a story for another day as time is very tight at the moment,back to the picture and the badges are some i designed and had made a few years ago, from the left the 1st is a design that was an old 80s paddy smith rally patch design for the isle of wight rally,all i did was alter the dates to 2007 as i thought it was such a great design,the next one is one made for the eastleigh spitfires scooter club, i did  a couple for this great club which they sold at the isle of wight,the next badge is another isle of wight scooter rally badge,this time for the 2007 rally,the final one is paolo di canio, the legend,one of my heroes,who was truly awesome when at sheffield wednesday,the design is based around an iconic photo of him scoring against lazios fierce rivals roma,thats todays photo please feel free to comment and please leave your name!

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