Monday, 7 November 2011


Well wasn't Friday a mad day for the weather? i was working from 7 till 7.30 at night and for some reason our workplace seemed to have had a gas rebate and the heating seems to have been turned up to max,with it being very mild out as well it was hot and stuffy,so i had the shutters open where i work and around 6ish the heavens opened, and the rain absolutely bounced off the metal roof it sounded like a waterfall hitting the roof,so as i hadn't taken any pics today so a quick one of our loading bay yard and here we are at just after 6pm on Friday.


  1. This made me giggle. Looking at the pic I can see RM lorries. I too work for RM and our place is the same. Heating turned up to the max! But you can't complain or you will get "conduct coded" Maybe spend less money on heating, managers, other POINTLESS means etc etc and employ some REAL staff IMO...Jeepers, I used to love my job.

    Thanks for the music. We also have summat else in common. My fav band are The Jam.

  2. totally agree,we have the "world class mail" scheme being thrown at us and the walls are covered in drawings and coloured in things etc,to be honest i couldnt give a fuck as ive got bigger fish to fry outside of RM and more things going on in my life to find getting involved in "face that fits" issues, keep viewing

  3. And I thought it was just our depot that was in a MESS!!! Obviously not. We have all that crap plastered over the walls too. Like being back at f***ing school! I feel like I have done a days work b4 I go out and deliver the rubbish....Oh well, should be lucky I have a job. Keep up the great work.