Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The next one in this month's set of "one photo a day" this was a spur of the moment type picture, i was just hanging some washing out (like you do) and one of our cats was out on the patio playing about  with something so i grabbed the camera and played along with her, she is "the moo" or Maggie as she was named in the RSPCA where she had lived along with her brothers and sisters in a small pen for 9 months,our son picked her and shes a lovely little cat, totally daft and not got much upstairs at all! and she thinks shes a dog, this is probably due to the months she spent looking out on the dog pen at the RSPCA, she doesn't stray very far,in fact shes always waiting around to pounce on poor old Fred our other cat,who tends to sneak upstairs in the day and makes himself comfortable on the top of our lads bunk bed, as he knows she cant make it up there,So taken in black and white as shes  grey/silver and i think it makes the photo a bit sharper then colour,so that's another photo for the month and the story behind "the moo" maybe Fred will donate his services to a future photo shoot?


  1. two cats (2 boy`s) have just fallen in love... 2 german tomcats and a sheffield cat-what a love story- a internet love affair..
    All jokes aside. my cat sitting on my desk. they love the internet, or better said, the heat of a computer. the two boys (father and son)come from a animal shelter.they were totally neglected. now they are two well-fed lads

    cheers and a Miaow from germany
    Herr Pauli

  2. why thanks herr pauli!im sure the moo would welcome the attention,although when shes's in fight mode maybe not!!