Thursday, 10 November 2011


First time i ever saw the jam was way back in 1978,i was 14 years old and had been into the jam since the year before maybe july/august, as i had now got new school mates who where all into music rather then football,we couldnt believe our luck at seeing the jam had announced a tour and it was coming to sheffield!the poly actually which was a newish building,later to be renamed the nelson mandela building,which was located at the end of pond street,which at the time was a pretty dangerous place to be,if you where a punk or mod,this was due to the large amount of brain dead skinheads who hung around the area,usually in the amusement arcade which was further up pond street and overlooked the whole bus station in those days,nowadays the multi storey car park is still there,however the poly building is no more having been knocked down to be replaced by another state of the art building,anyway back to the tale!!!!
This event is  33 years old and obviously the few memories i have of this are jaded to say the least!im not quite sure if we had tickets or it was a pay on the door,but one thing is you had to be signed in,this was of course back in the days when the "students" where all a bit elitist,ie you had to be one to drink cheap cider in the students union bar even tho you had put fuck all in to the system,all that type of shit,keeping the riff raff out type of thing,it was a nightmare and as a 14 year old you can only stand being told to fuck off so many times,the thing with the students around that time was it was there kind of music circuit which was basically for them and nobody else like i mentioned earlier an elite club,so there we where me and jimmy and im not sure who else was with us,standing around trying our hardest when the man himself paul weller came walking down the steps in a parka,we managed to grab him and have a word about getting us in,but no chance there was nowt he could do as there was loads on the guest list,somehow one by one we managed to get in, and assemble at the bottom of the steps that went upto the concert hall,i remember there being a table selling tee shirts and stuff but not purchasing anything at all,on getting to the door that lead into the concert hall i can clearly remember the sound of patrik fitzgerald banging away on his guitar the song "safety pin stuck in my heart" i think we worked our way down to the front as all 14 year olds would do at the time! and next up where the dickies a great band from america who played everything at 100MPH, i already knew both artists from the peel show,so they where another 2 added to my slowly growing list of bands i had seen.
So showtime and to this day i can hardly remember anything about the jam playing this night, it was the 1st time i had ever seen the jam and hardly anything i can remember!One thing is, i went in as a 14 year big jam fan but came out a massive jam fan,this gig along with a few others put me on to a lifetime of listening to this great band and paul weller solo stuff and the style council and the future recordings of bruce foxton and rick buckler,why post this you may ask? well it's 33 years to the day that i saw this band which changed everything in my life after coming out of the now demolished sheffield polytechnic building things where different,these events in life may not really be important to a lot of us,however over the next  4 years i went on to see the jam 25 times,along that way i had some truly great times,met some great lads and lasses,and of course watched a truly great band just get better and better,would i swap this event for anything? NO! in fact i won't swap any of the 25 times i saw the jam,probably not even to see the pistols who are the only one of my favourite bands ive never got to see.


  1. I saw them twice: first time @ Derby Kings Hall in '77 just after they'd brought out This Is The Modern World. Then in '79 @ Leicester De Montfort on the Setting Sons tour. One of the lasses on our coach party was late getting back on the bus in Derby: she'd been sh*gging Paul Weller after the gig (she was, you could argue, his muse for The Butterfly Collector).

    BTW Clock my latest blog for The Pistols doing their bestest Beatles impersonation.

  2. Great tale of your first Jam gig Pete. I wish I had seen The Jam 25 times instead of the 3 occasions that I was lucky enough to go to a Jam gig! I saw the band in November 1980 (Sound Affects Tour), June 1981 (Bucket & Spade) and December 1982 (Farewell Tour). All the gigs were at St Austell in Cornwall and remain three of the finest concerts I ever witnessed by any singer or group (and I have seen some big names in concerts).