Thursday, 24 November 2011


Oh dear! not got very far with this little project now have I? ok just not had time, busy busy busy! So here's  No 9,i love pizza's and i love making em, so heres one i made at the weekend, probably make em blindfold,what you need is
1000Gms strong white flour
650ml tepid water
2x 7gm sachet of yeast
tablespoon of sea salt
tablespoon of golden castor sugar
add the salts to the flour and tip on to a surface and make a well with the flour, then add your yeast and sugar to your water mix well and leave to stand for a couple of minutes,then slowly add to your flour whilst bringing in the sides of your flour into the mix with a fork,when your dough gets too heavy to bring in with the fork use your hands and keep adding your water to the flour until you have a nice mix,then need your dough by pushing away with your left and pulling towards you with your right, place in a bowl with some flour and cover with clingfilm for around an hour or until it has doubled in size,split your dough into 4 for large pizzas or 6 for medium,roll out until your base is around  3mm deep and then add your tomato sauce and cheese and whatever toppings you like cook in a hot oven for around 6-8 minutes and enjoy!!
For garlic bread i chop up a bulb of garlic and then razz it with a hand blender slowly adding a good glug of olive oil until its a nice paste,you can also add some herbs or chopped chilli's to give it a bit of a bite,then spread it on your rolled out base and cook,for 5 mins or so,we tend to add grated cheese and mushrooms to it so its more of a cheesey garlic bread! for pizza's i add chopped garlic to a teaspoon of olive oil and fry for around a minute being careful not to burn it,i then add chopped basil and  a 400g tin of tomatoes and slowly simmer whilst mashing the tomatoes with a spoon or fork,i may add tomato puree to make the sauce thicker some times,i then let it simmer until some of the tomato juice has thickened up, i then let it cool and spread on a rolled out base and then add lumps of mozzerella cheese and then toppings,you can add anything you want to pizzas as long as they dont take long to cook,and remember less is more!
My favourite is chilli's with herbs and an egg in the middle,and the one thing with this recipe is that the crust is still nice and soft!!

Friday, 18 November 2011


Pete Mckee has a couple of new paintings out,heres the one i like the other is for our friends in the red and white quarter of sheffield, here we have the class of 93, with from left david hirst,john sheridan,roland nilsson and chris waddle,i like what pete's done with the drinks not sure if  roland nilsson is drinking a half of shandy but hirsty's got bitter shezza's got guinness and waddle's got newcastle brown!
What a great lineup and im proud to say i watched this great bunch of players in there heyday!
and of course well done pete who is a an owl for this great painting, which he has used before for some of the greats from the sheffield music scene and of course all time musical greats,checkout his website at the link below

Thursday, 17 November 2011


From the seven hills many many thanks for all the views over the last year and a bit! the exact number up to now is

Thursday, 10 November 2011


First time i ever saw the jam was way back in 1978,i was 14 years old and had been into the jam since the year before maybe july/august, as i had now got new school mates who where all into music rather then football,we couldnt believe our luck at seeing the jam had announced a tour and it was coming to sheffield!the poly actually which was a newish building,later to be renamed the nelson mandela building,which was located at the end of pond street,which at the time was a pretty dangerous place to be,if you where a punk or mod,this was due to the large amount of brain dead skinheads who hung around the area,usually in the amusement arcade which was further up pond street and overlooked the whole bus station in those days,nowadays the multi storey car park is still there,however the poly building is no more having been knocked down to be replaced by another state of the art building,anyway back to the tale!!!!
This event is  33 years old and obviously the few memories i have of this are jaded to say the least!im not quite sure if we had tickets or it was a pay on the door,but one thing is you had to be signed in,this was of course back in the days when the "students" where all a bit elitist,ie you had to be one to drink cheap cider in the students union bar even tho you had put fuck all in to the system,all that type of shit,keeping the riff raff out type of thing,it was a nightmare and as a 14 year old you can only stand being told to fuck off so many times,the thing with the students around that time was it was there kind of music circuit which was basically for them and nobody else like i mentioned earlier an elite club,so there we where me and jimmy and im not sure who else was with us,standing around trying our hardest when the man himself paul weller came walking down the steps in a parka,we managed to grab him and have a word about getting us in,but no chance there was nowt he could do as there was loads on the guest list,somehow one by one we managed to get in, and assemble at the bottom of the steps that went upto the concert hall,i remember there being a table selling tee shirts and stuff but not purchasing anything at all,on getting to the door that lead into the concert hall i can clearly remember the sound of patrik fitzgerald banging away on his guitar the song "safety pin stuck in my heart" i think we worked our way down to the front as all 14 year olds would do at the time! and next up where the dickies a great band from america who played everything at 100MPH, i already knew both artists from the peel show,so they where another 2 added to my slowly growing list of bands i had seen.
So showtime and to this day i can hardly remember anything about the jam playing this night, it was the 1st time i had ever seen the jam and hardly anything i can remember!One thing is, i went in as a 14 year big jam fan but came out a massive jam fan,this gig along with a few others put me on to a lifetime of listening to this great band and paul weller solo stuff and the style council and the future recordings of bruce foxton and rick buckler,why post this you may ask? well it's 33 years to the day that i saw this band which changed everything in my life after coming out of the now demolished sheffield polytechnic building things where different,these events in life may not really be important to a lot of us,however over the next  4 years i went on to see the jam 25 times,along that way i had some truly great times,met some great lads and lasses,and of course watched a truly great band just get better and better,would i swap this event for anything? NO! in fact i won't swap any of the 25 times i saw the jam,probably not even to see the pistols who are the only one of my favourite bands ive never got to see.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Another trip on the canal,just over a week from my last visit,the afternoon was dull and wet with lots of leafs dropping of the trees so it looks like winter is finally upon us,this photo was taken around 2ish in the afternoon and it features yet again the canal this time towards the bacon lane bridge which is probably  800 yards further up around the corner,this again is a great stretch of canal for fishing and although a bit wider  the far bank lily pads extend out 4 to 5 feet in the summer,i once had a great day on this part of the canal with having over 12LB of fish in 2 hours and it was very mixed with me catching roach,bream,skimmers,chub,and a couple of smallish carp,ive not fished the canal for years so maybe a trip next summer,although probably early next year i may take in the entire length and photograph it all.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


And now for something completely different, as the pythons used to say! i was kind of stuck for something to photograph as the weather was crap and i just didnt feel like going out anywhere,as my list of places i wanted to photograph just wouldnt have looked right in this weather,so my good old M65 fishtail parka was hung on the wardrobe so i decided to take a quick snap of the badges ive got on it,i had an original fishtail parka back in 1979 when still at school which i bought with saved up dinner money!think i was the 1st kid in our school with one at the time, however thats a story for another day as time is very tight at the moment,back to the picture and the badges are some i designed and had made a few years ago, from the left the 1st is a design that was an old 80s paddy smith rally patch design for the isle of wight rally,all i did was alter the dates to 2007 as i thought it was such a great design,the next one is one made for the eastleigh spitfires scooter club, i did  a couple for this great club which they sold at the isle of wight,the next badge is another isle of wight scooter rally badge,this time for the 2007 rally,the final one is paolo di canio, the legend,one of my heroes,who was truly awesome when at sheffield wednesday,the design is based around an iconic photo of him scoring against lazios fierce rivals roma,thats todays photo please feel free to comment and please leave your name!

Monday, 7 November 2011


Bonfire night! we didn't have one this year instead  we went to the local pub instead who had a giant bonfire in the car park and an even bigger firework display to go with it! it was quite full and the fire was lovely and warm on probably the 1st cold evening we have had,we stopped a couple of hours as our lad wasn't all that interested once the fireworks had gone off and the hot dogs had been ate!plus he was halfway Thru the latest uncharted PS3 game!


Well wasn't Friday a mad day for the weather? i was working from 7 till 7.30 at night and for some reason our workplace seemed to have had a gas rebate and the heating seems to have been turned up to max,with it being very mild out as well it was hot and stuffy,so i had the shutters open where i work and around 6ish the heavens opened, and the rain absolutely bounced off the metal roof it sounded like a waterfall hitting the roof,so as i hadn't taken any pics today so a quick one of our loading bay yard and here we are at just after 6pm on Friday.

Friday, 4 November 2011


Here we have the avenue or boulevard which is the entrance to the Norfolk park, a large park maybe 10 minutes walk from the centre of Sheffield, this was taken on Thursday 3rd around midday,i had passed by this entrance when i was taking a shortcut to work on the previous day around 9ish and the sun was out and it was looking like a promising day with the leaves falling off and the sun reflecting of the leaves giving it a great combination of autumn browns and golds i cursed myself as i didnt have time to stop and take some photos so i made a point of going the same way the following day,however we had had some rain the previous night and it was quite a dull day,Sheffield has the most trees per person in the UK and given the sunny start to October its turned Sheffield into a mass of lovely autumn colours that unfortunately will not last due to rain etc,So the Norfolk Park? well not a lot i can really say regarding this park as strangely its one of the few parks in Sheffield i haven't been in,around the august bank holiday there is always a giant reenactment of a medieval battle which attracts thousands,maybe a visit Thu the park sometime?

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


The next one in this month's set of "one photo a day" this was a spur of the moment type picture, i was just hanging some washing out (like you do) and one of our cats was out on the patio playing about  with something so i grabbed the camera and played along with her, she is "the moo" or Maggie as she was named in the RSPCA where she had lived along with her brothers and sisters in a small pen for 9 months,our son picked her and shes a lovely little cat, totally daft and not got much upstairs at all! and she thinks shes a dog, this is probably due to the months she spent looking out on the dog pen at the RSPCA, she doesn't stray very far,in fact shes always waiting around to pounce on poor old Fred our other cat,who tends to sneak upstairs in the day and makes himself comfortable on the top of our lads bunk bed, as he knows she cant make it up there,So taken in black and white as shes  grey/silver and i think it makes the photo a bit sharper then colour,so that's another photo for the month and the story behind "the moo" maybe Fred will donate his services to a future photo shoot?


Ok,here we are with the 1st photo of the month, this was taken on the 1st november,this is the bacon lane stretch of the sheffield canal,what im trying to do give a bit of a background to some if not all of the photos im hoping to take this month,i couldnt have wished for a better day in fact it was just before midday on my way to work,and ive been planning on having a walk the length of the canal from the city centre down towards its meeting point with the river don at tinsley,not sure why this part is called bacon lane apart from the narrow bridge which goes over the canal carrying the aforementioned bacon lane ,a lot of heavy industry has been situated at one time or the other around sheffields canal,probably the same as most large cities with canal networks,my point of this photo was at one time i was always fishing on this length of the canal and usually either side of the bridge,ive had some great days catching roach,skimmers and the odd carp fishing up towards the far bank reeds with a pole,Now another reason which in fact has just come to me was the scene in the well known Full Monty film where the main characters where perched on top of  a car roof in the middle of the canal, was just filmed 50 yards further up from here,im really happy with this photo as it was such a great morning with the canal still and reflecting the buildings giving a mirror image,and the browns of the fallen leaves,even more so is the fact ive taken it on my mobile phone,which im probably going to do for the whole of  this little project,not sure of the next picture.............wait until tomorrow!!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


As the clocks have changed and those nights are drawing in i thought it would be nice to try and take a photo a day to kind of document this month,with October being very mild and having sunshine at the start we are heading towards the shortest day (December) no other reason really but an excuse to get out in the fresh air!
So here's my 1st photo of the month,OK its a cheat as i took this photo on Friday the 28th October on yet another visit to our great park,just behind the set of trees is the pitch my son plays u9s on,one thing about this area of the park, its always windy!we had a couple of hours here having a go at crossbar challenge,although my son is soon to be 9 he had a good crack at hitting the crossbar a few times,unfortunately he didnt have his goal scoring boots on, on sunday,still you cant win em all!!