Friday, 16 September 2011


"I don't wanna be the same as everybody else. That's why I'm a Mod, see?" great quote and a line that's been used over the years on tee shirts,flyer's,badges,even painted on parkas,a classic line from quadrophenia, but on reflection how true is that statement? most of the older mods nowadays are mods because of this film, OK a lot where Jam fans (myself) before the great uprising in 1979 but when people are asked why they are a mod its because of this film,But is it a true reflection on today's mods? over the last couple of years I've been to a few mods events,mainly gigs and a few scooter club do's and there just seems to be a certain uniform,which  was the look in 1979-80,and to be honest most of the people at these do's are the same as everybody else, ie in wearing the same clothes and having the same look, i lost count of mid 40's blokes dressed in Fred Perry's,checked shirts, Harrington jackets, Levi's and either suede boots or shoes and doc martens, its the uniform of the mod, but wasn't mod about being different and not being part of a uniform?you know the stereotype? that the specials sung about, don't get me wrong these are great clothes and classics,but its one half of the mod cult,i was well pissed off at attending an event and finding most where dressed like this, and wanting the same jam records, the same 2 tone records,the same madness records, the same 60's bluebeat records, and the same northern soul records,its as if they want to relive there youth and want it to be just like the early 80s,(which it aint!)the other part of mod is more about being different,where nobody is wearing the same type of clothes everybody wants to be different, I've briefly skirted around this issue on a previous post HERE now what got me thinking about this subject was a truly great post by PATRICK on his excellent PARKAAVENUE Blog,about making a 6 hour journey from Canada to Boston USA in search of clothes,how dedicated is that? to me this is what it's all about,searching out great clothes that nobody else will have,nowadays you can buy the look all in one shop and even online from the comfort of your own home,myself and my mates would search high and low all over Sheffield and beyond for clothes that we hoped nobody else was wearing,to create our own take on the mod look.
i was sat in a friend's scooter shop around 2001 and a lad came in asking about lambretta's when he was asked what colour he wanted it doing he just looked around and pointed at a SX and said "oh that colour" it sums it all up, we would sit at rallies and watch scooters coming in,"another green and white sx" etc they where all looking the same,which to me aint what its about,if you like that kind of stuff then go and buy a motorbike which all come in the same colours,  over the years certain faces have kept the scene going and constantly changed it,and now obviously a lot of mid 40s are back into there "youth"  so to speak and just dont seem to realise the scene has moved on and changed to keep it fresh and exciting, when i spoke to a lad whos never been away from the scene in sheffield his view on all the new faces was "they had a couple of jam records in 82,thats there claim"
Now im no way against this look but all im saying is try and be a bit more original,have a search around,look at different types of clothing,myself im really into the pretty green polo's and grandad style shirts at the moment which paired with slim trousers they look very good,im going to stop now as im probably upsetting a few viewers to the blog so any thoughts?


  1. I always thought 'Mod' was short for "Modern." What most Mods do nowadays is nothing short of retro. It's a slippery slope, but I remember Weller in the late 80s saying house music was the new Mod of the times because it was MODERN. Yeah, the whole contradiction has always bothered me too.

  2. I see it as a balance , a balance between the old and the new ,take the good from that a, a pinch of this , nick that idea and come up with your own…
    It is the same with music and one of the reasons I like this site is that if pushed I’m a mod at heart but I’m 48 and I grew up with punk and it was that music that got my pulses racing (even if it only lasted 6 months)…what punk was great at was opening my mind to the 60’s and reggae through the cover versions … I heard them first as a punk song and dug out the originals at a later date

    I’ve never owned a scooter and probably never will, but if I see one put putting down the road I love them. I have owned and will own again a classic mod car the original mini .I am not totally obsessed with clothes but I do try to look smart…I have been obsessed with Weller but I’m over that now J I am still obsessed with music and I do make play lists and like a lot of gits my age I do like to collect stuff (I guess that is a throwback to my youth)!

    What is mod ? I guess for me it is opening your mind to all and everything and taking on board what you love (and obsessing about it)


  3. Good observations. I am a mid 40's cat who loved the Mod scene. I even have a Series I, custom painted, TV175. I love all kinds of fashion and music and trends and was never a "Mod". Dug, disco, funk, punk, blues, you name it. My question is...If neoMods, or contemporary Mods starting dressing like death metal heads, or Walgreen's casual mid income bankers, would they be Mod? Best to you and your great blog.

  4. I got into the Mod scene in the second wave around 78, 79, but it seemed we were just reviving the scene that had gone before and certainly with regard to the clothes, desert boots, Ben Shermans, chelsea boots etc, we were, the music was different of course, with bands such as The Jam, The Chords etc echoing back to, but not replicating the sound of the sixties, however, I think that, apart from grabbing at the goolies of our youth, the kids of today don't have that sense of belonging to anything today. The top 40 of 78, 79 had about 10 different genres of music/fashion, whereas today I am hard pushed to see beyond one, maybe I am an old fart, but we felt a sense of belonging to a clan, if you like and sure, it was great to have found a style and it was great that you found a piece of clothing that nobody else sported, but at the end of the day I was, and still am, a Mod, I belonged to a like minded group of people that were/are smart dressed and into a great scene.....saying that, as an ex pat living in Sweden, I do travel back to the UK to buy my clothes!!!! Great blog, I have enjoyed reading your posts. :)

  5. you must have read my mind rick,as today we where chatting in work about the music of the late 70s and i brought up a certain week in the summer of that year where there was tubeway army,secret affair and the B52s all in the top 10 of that week,and all totally different genres and different followings,it would never happen today,i went to punk gigs mod gigs and there was a bit of all youth cults there,it will never ever happen again.