Wednesday, 7 September 2011


One of the 1st band's i seriously got into that where not punk or new wave, was be bop deluxe, led by the great bill nelson,who wrote some truly great lyrics, they never got to massive stadium status,(no shame there) but always filled out the 3-4000 halls in late 70s england! ive posted before regarding be bop and bill nelson here anyway here's Be bop from 1976 and a american gig recorded at  the Riviera Theater, Chicago 9 tracks of classic  be bop!
1. Fair Exchange
2. Stage Whispers
3. Life In The Air Age
4. Sister Seagull
5. Adventures In A Yorkshire Landscape
6. Maid In Heaven
7. Ships In the Night
8. Bill's Blues
9. Blazing Apostles


  1. Good call. I remember Be-Bop being just before Eddie & The Hot Rods. Who were just before the P*stols.

  2. yes john another 2 great bands,i never ever get sick of hearing "do anything" in fact the live at the marquee ep is also a classic