Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Now you are probably going to think im a grumpy ole git,but the school hols are at an end and the Kid(s) will be back at school next week,personally its been great ive been away from work and spent a lot of time with our son,now all those parents out there who put there job 1st and there career (opportunities) on a higher level then there kids why did you bother having children? we have done loads this hols i would rather be at home with my lad kicking a ball around the local park or whatever any day of the week easily,i know we all have to work its a part of life,its been 6 weeks of footballing schools with a couple of his mates, bike riding for hours on end in the local park,(my knees have had it) the skatepark,and the indoor skate/scooter house,sleepovers,friends round,walking on water (£3!) bargain! in the local park on the boating lake,and a few days out with family,and a few days at good ole chapel st leonards,nice place nice beach but full of overweight benefit scroungers drinking £2.00 pints of H2o and shouting and swearing at there feral kids with the usual catchphrase of "Get here now paris,before i knock you out" but hey lets not dwell on these lowlifes eh?
Is'nt all this technology great? years ago we would take our cameras on our "jollies" and take snaps and once we got home we would rush to the developers and get em done in an hour and that was sort of the last bit of your hols,not so now we have cameras on our phones,we can view what we have taken ASAP delete it,edit it,the list goes on,ive took a few over the last few weeks,to probably go along with the 4GB we took off our pc and stuck on Dvd's never to be printed off, is this going to be another lost skill in years to come? Your parents would always drag out a photo album when relatives,new girlfriends,etc visited,mainly to shame you about how you looked when you where a child! so ive added a few to this post just randoms from over the last 6 weeks,and as we know once the kids are back we are on the downward spiral to the autumn and the dreaded winter,but on the bright side,maybe the blog will be back upto more postings and more music, the last 3 months or so ive hardly listened to anything hence the lack of posts!

a rainbow over chapel st leonards beach

the stage on the beach at ingoldmells

cricket in millhouses park

the monsal trail,7 miles of disused railway line ideal for biking and  walking

the old haddon station

view from the viaduct over monsal dale

our holiday caravan! only kidding this is in the woods in whirlow park

our local park

whirlow park, a great hidden treasure on the outskirts of sheffield

padley gorge,this is a natural stream with giant bolders and stepping stones just 10 mins outside sheffield,a great place to paddle and sunbathe!

all that fresh air makes you hungry! and a homemade pizza is just the thing!

peveril castle overlooking the village of castleton

peveril castle
whirlow park

a much needed haircut!

keep the faith


  1. Glad you had good times with kiddies. Living near a holiday resort, I know what you mean about those ferral kids! The mind boggles sometimes with the complete lack of parenting skills horrifies/worries me. Those kids are our future - The parents spewing out no class, no manners, no morals, no decency, no pride - those bits of kids havent got a chance! Fellow grump!

  2. Sounds like you've had a great Summer holiday, despite the sh*t weather. Make the most of your kids while they're still at ball kicking age. We went to see our son and his girlfriend in their new place in Manchester at the weekend (James and I then caught the train to Liverpool for The Beatles Fest). He showed me his 'phone: we're now 'parents' not 'home' - his new house number is 'home': he's moved on.

    Your Len Price 3 ad reminded me of one of my earliest blogs.

  3. On my post above, click on 'one of my earliest blogs' for the link - your script doesn't highlight links(?)

  4. i had my silver/grey/white snipped out too, well 'one' back and sides, 'three' on top.

  5. yes ian,we aint no snobs at all but these people are not even "working class" whole generations of families quite happy to live off benefits,they probably got more to spend then our family,i know most of them had better phones then we have!