Tuesday, 23 August 2011


I've collected button badges and footy badges for a long time, the music badges since i started going to gigs in the late 70s,i had a lot of these and over the years some seemed to have disappeared,not sure how as they along with my records are my longest possessions,and i will never part with them, last couple of years ive been making music badges mainly mod and punk, quite a few are copies of old designs that where about all those years ago,and quite a few are new designs,ive had a few on ebay and decided to create a website where you can view what's been made and whats for sale,its just a bit of a hobby with a bit of extra  cash coming in,in these hard times,anyway heres a few new ones that ive just made up for a music loving lad from southampton,please feel free to view and contact me if you would like to purchase.i can also make designs to suit so if you have any badges making please contact me via the comments or the address on the website.

 Above is a great set of badges that came along with the  Generation X single ready steady go,many thanks to john for this picture


  1. I've got the Ready! Steady! and Go! Generation X badges that came with their single mounted and framed. They still look tasty.

  2. any chance of a photo of them please john?

  3. Checked the site. Badges look great!