Saturday, 16 July 2011


Both sheffield clubs announced on thursday a joint  partnership with firms Gilders and Westfield Health,the deal, the 1st of its kind in english football will see both clubs wearing the logos of the two firms, with wednesday wearing the gilders logo on there home kit and the westfield health on the away,with united wearing the  gilders logo on there away and the westfield health on there home, over the years many sheffield firms have had varying sponsorship deals with both sheffield clubs,however this deal has brought out the usual bullshit on the various forums of both wednesday and united,with the old chestnut of the clubs merging appearing once again,most if not all diehard owls and blades wouldnt give a nanno second to contemplate this happening,its a thing for the glory hunters,in this city you are either blue or red you are born into it,the idea is all about the city having one big club and attracting 40,000+ fans,and what you going to call the team? we are sheffield,we are not Leeds,i suggest that most of the gloryhunters go and watch man utd or chelsea or whoever is "In Vogue" and please leave us diehards to argue and fight amongst ourselves about who's the best team in sheffield,in fact just carry on sitting in your armchair or pub watching shite premiership football!

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