Tuesday, 19 July 2011


1st game of the season,so to speak and a trip down to the coach & horses, on the day that Club sold the world's oldest football rule book at sothebys for £881,250 The handwritten pamphlet from 1857 was sold to raise funds for the club which hopefully will secure there future for years to come and make the club debt free,So tonight's game against a young huddersfield town team,i missed the 1st half and on entering the ground the scoreboard had sheffield fc 1-0 up thru a joel purkiss goal,the start of the 2nd half was pretty much devoid of any action with the game being purely played in midfield and no attempts on goal from either side with sheffield defending well up the pitch,the only attack the terriers had was a long range shot,with sheffield pushing further up the pitch woolley laid off kirkland only for him to be tripped inside the box for a penalty,which gascoigne left footed into the huddersfield goal to make it 2-0 this goal gave sheffield confidence with gregory going close after a one-two with kirkland,with dan white and matt varley defending well and forming a promising partnership,with a final result of 2-0 to sheffield it was a good result against a team that are one of the favourites to lead a promotion push from league one this term,good attendance of just under 300 made it a worthwhile trip!

sheffield fc attack the home end
when the balls in the air,and it's going nowhere!

Whos offside?

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