Thursday, 21 July 2011


My son's team the norton lees juniors had this there 1st friendly of the season, after finishing strong towards the end of last season the lads are looking well to kick on from last season and improve there game, most of the team has signed for the new season with a loss of only 2 players which is good news as theres no need for the manager to go out looking for new players and with the bulk of the lads all in the same class and having played together for which will be there 3rd season its looking promising,a step up to under 9s and an extra player,and with a few friendlies arranged they hope to hit the ground running with getting used to playing an extra man,anyway up to coldwell lane just around the corner from Hallam fc's ground and the lads split into 2 teams with the 1st team losing 6-3 and being very unlucky with having the ball cleared off the line 3 times,they got back into the game at least twice and with jc putting in 3 brilliant corners,all of which swerved towards the back post,they where very unlucky,the weather was a mix of showers and sunshine which didnt seem to put the lads off, with the 1st game the juniors had a new player who got into the game more and more in the 2nd half.
Now the good thing about the lads who run the team is they rotate all the players, there is no best team or best goalie,in fact most of the lads who have stuck there hands up to play in goal for one half do a good job of it and are quite good.
2nd game and my lad played out on the wing,and the team got off to a great start and constantly played the game in crosspool's penalty area and went close on a number of occasions with SB taking the chance to have a long range shot just go over,my son then went round a couple of players and just went wide with a shot from the edge of the box,forcing corners and having shots norton lees eventually took control of the game with one of the lads grabbing a quick hat-trick and with SB hitting another cracker from outside the box making it 4-0 at half time,the 2nd half and crosspool put up a bit of a fight with them seeing a bit more action,in fact norton's goalie touched the ball for the 1st time as he didnt have anything to do in the 1st half,eventually the game ended 4-0 with the overall score being 7-6 in norton lees favour,this was a great start to the pre season and with a tournement coming up this weekend another chance to shine!

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