Thursday, 21 July 2011


My son's team the norton lees juniors had this there 1st friendly of the season, after finishing strong towards the end of last season the lads are looking well to kick on from last season and improve there game, most of the team has signed for the new season with a loss of only 2 players which is good news as theres no need for the manager to go out looking for new players and with the bulk of the lads all in the same class and having played together for which will be there 3rd season its looking promising,a step up to under 9s and an extra player,and with a few friendlies arranged they hope to hit the ground running with getting used to playing an extra man,anyway up to coldwell lane just around the corner from Hallam fc's ground and the lads split into 2 teams with the 1st team losing 6-3 and being very unlucky with having the ball cleared off the line 3 times,they got back into the game at least twice and with jc putting in 3 brilliant corners,all of which swerved towards the back post,they where very unlucky,the weather was a mix of showers and sunshine which didnt seem to put the lads off, with the 1st game the juniors had a new player who got into the game more and more in the 2nd half.
Now the good thing about the lads who run the team is they rotate all the players, there is no best team or best goalie,in fact most of the lads who have stuck there hands up to play in goal for one half do a good job of it and are quite good.
2nd game and my lad played out on the wing,and the team got off to a great start and constantly played the game in crosspool's penalty area and went close on a number of occasions with SB taking the chance to have a long range shot just go over,my son then went round a couple of players and just went wide with a shot from the edge of the box,forcing corners and having shots norton lees eventually took control of the game with one of the lads grabbing a quick hat-trick and with SB hitting another cracker from outside the box making it 4-0 at half time,the 2nd half and crosspool put up a bit of a fight with them seeing a bit more action,in fact norton's goalie touched the ball for the 1st time as he didnt have anything to do in the 1st half,eventually the game ended 4-0 with the overall score being 7-6 in norton lees favour,this was a great start to the pre season and with a tournement coming up this weekend another chance to shine!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


1st game of the season,so to speak and a trip down to the coach & horses, on the day that Club sold the world's oldest football rule book at sothebys for £881,250 The handwritten pamphlet from 1857 was sold to raise funds for the club which hopefully will secure there future for years to come and make the club debt free,So tonight's game against a young huddersfield town team,i missed the 1st half and on entering the ground the scoreboard had sheffield fc 1-0 up thru a joel purkiss goal,the start of the 2nd half was pretty much devoid of any action with the game being purely played in midfield and no attempts on goal from either side with sheffield defending well up the pitch,the only attack the terriers had was a long range shot,with sheffield pushing further up the pitch woolley laid off kirkland only for him to be tripped inside the box for a penalty,which gascoigne left footed into the huddersfield goal to make it 2-0 this goal gave sheffield confidence with gregory going close after a one-two with kirkland,with dan white and matt varley defending well and forming a promising partnership,with a final result of 2-0 to sheffield it was a good result against a team that are one of the favourites to lead a promotion push from league one this term,good attendance of just under 300 made it a worthwhile trip!

sheffield fc attack the home end
when the balls in the air,and it's going nowhere!

Whos offside?

Saturday, 16 July 2011


Both sheffield clubs announced on thursday a joint  partnership with firms Gilders and Westfield Health,the deal, the 1st of its kind in english football will see both clubs wearing the logos of the two firms, with wednesday wearing the gilders logo on there home kit and the westfield health on the away,with united wearing the  gilders logo on there away and the westfield health on there home, over the years many sheffield firms have had varying sponsorship deals with both sheffield clubs,however this deal has brought out the usual bullshit on the various forums of both wednesday and united,with the old chestnut of the clubs merging appearing once again,most if not all diehard owls and blades wouldnt give a nanno second to contemplate this happening,its a thing for the glory hunters,in this city you are either blue or red you are born into it,the idea is all about the city having one big club and attracting 40,000+ fans,and what you going to call the team? we are sheffield,we are not Leeds,i suggest that most of the gloryhunters go and watch man utd or chelsea or whoever is "In Vogue" and please leave us diehards to argue and fight amongst ourselves about who's the best team in sheffield,in fact just carry on sitting in your armchair or pub watching shite premiership football!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Not much music posted again this month,mainly I'm pissed off at 2 certain characters who have been downloading mostly the Paul Weller files and selling em on eBay,now I'm not really bothered about the selling bit,as I've bought a lot of bootlegs from eBay over the years,stuff that I've found on the Internet and wanted but the owners want to trade,which is OK but when you got nowt that they want from you then you don't get a trade! one such person quotes on there trade list that they do not sell,yet they offered me stuff that i haven't got for cash,so please lads you trade or you sell,whats pissed me off was the fact I've spent time looking for pics and trying to create some artwork for the recordings only for the aforementioned f**king twats to purely save and print off, at least do your own,in future i will be making Weller stuff by password only or email the link,so then i can narrow it down to the sellers on eBay.
Arctic monkeys at the don valley! great night out in a huge tent,missed the Dead Sons,but managed to catch the Vaccines,who where pretty good no nonsense machine gun style playing,cant wait to see em in November at a proper venue, Miles Kane (shite) not a big fan i think he is very overrated and maybe on the bill as he is big mates with Alex turner,anyway the monkeys arrived to the hot chocolate song "you sexy thing" which of course is from the full Monty film, the monkeys did what they do best and played most of the crowd pleasers,im never a big fan of these big gigs but the arctics didn't disappoint at all,only downside was yet again the numpties who will have a moan about beer being £4 a pint and then chucking it about with gay abandon! so it was a dash over to the tram stop and as I'm pretty much an expert on not paying on it, we used the usual "middlewood road" trick of getting on,of which i ain't going to tell you!So anyway off the tram at church street and a walk up division street and a couple of peroni's in bungalows and bears and a nice pizza to finish with!!
What a great film Taxi Driver is, from 1976 this is such a classic,ive seen it loads of times before,but never on the big screen,so we jumped at the chance to visit the best cinema in sheffield,if not the world and go to the truly great Showroom,which has a great bar and great little screens showing current films and a lot of foreign films many with subtitles,we used to visit quite a lot before family came along,and watched a hell of a lot of great films that you would never see at the rip off multiplexs etc,the film was the start of our night,after which we had a couple of drinks on the way to the Interval Bar at the university where there was an event called "The return of the fat white duke" this was a 50th birthday party for a lad called daisy who now lives out in america where he has lived since the late 80s,he was in loads of late 70s and early 80s sheffield bands,the entertainment was provided by Sparta fc a great sheffield band who gig occasionally playing mostly old punk stuff,most of the members have been in different bands over the years and they are a great band to watch and are Tudor (Guitars) Jon Wills (Bass Guitar and vocals, ex Tsi -Tsa) and Tony Armitage (Drums, vocals ex Stunt Kites). and they played a great set of songs from The Jam, The Clash, Undertones, Sex Pistols, Ramones amongst others,guest vocalists included the stunt kites singer John R. Allen who entered with his glasses and lyric sheet!, a lad called dingo who is a big mover on the sheffield scene and pete who has been in various bands such as the negatives,yahboo, and the great person to person who had a 80s hit single,so enter daisy who gave us a great set of that included 'White light white heat'  and 'Borstal Breakout' the band where then joined on stage by various sons of daisy and his brother shaun and along with  former Negative Fraser Charlesworth they played a great version of the ramones 'Blitzkrieg Bop' superb! pete eason also joined with teenage kicks and a great version of electric waltz the negatives single that was once NME single of the week all those years ago!
This was a great night out and it was great to catch up with a few old faces that i knew all those years ago and of course daisy, and not forgetting an old mate raffles a top lad even tho he has switched to watching rotherham united,thats what 20 years of living over in toytown does for you! and far far better then the usual rubbish that was served up on bbc tv with the glastonbury festival,come on coldplay and U2? no thanks!


Monday, 4 July 2011


Sheffield's finest!!The mighty pulp from there golden period of 1995 from the empress ballroom blackpool,this is a great recording of jarvis cocker and pulp at there finest.
Do you remember the first time?
Monday morning
Pencil skirt
I spy
Sorted for E's & wizz
Something changed
Live bed show
Acrylic afternoons
Disco 2000
F.E.E.L.I.N.G. C.A.L.L.E.D. L.O.V.E.
Common people
Bar Italia
thanks to dime !