Thursday, 16 June 2011


One of the things that are always on show when ever there is a a gathering of scooters is always the scooter patch,they probably originated in the early sixties when scooter clubs would have there own logo or emblem,the big name around the early 80s was of course paddy smith who i think started selling tee shirts at early 80s rallies and then moved on to the patches which of course went down great guns with the scooterboys who had dropped the mod style of scooter and would arrive on cutdown scooters and rats wearing combats and leather biker jackets with a denim jacket minus its sleeves cut off over it,the jackets with the patches on are a bit of a status symbol or where as to have a denim with loads of different rally patches showed how dedicated you where to the scene it was like wearing a medal of honour so to speak,as these where only obtainable by actually going to a rally and good ole paddy smith certainly did a few! eventually there where quite a few others doing the patches but the style hasnt really changed over the years,ive got a few on an old levi jacket,i did have quite a lot as i had a spell collecting them,and this was before Ebay!Im no expert on patches or rally badges,so heres a couple of links for you to view.

Another great source of patches is a collection by alan wilson,this lad has a serious collection and i take my hat of to him for such dedication towards his collection,not sure how many he owns but if you view the link below

 Personally i think some of the early 80s designs are truly brilliant and i think they capture perfectly what was going on at the time,ive got a couple more links to add later to this topic so please leave a comment.