Friday, 27 May 2011


 Well its been a pretty much non existent blogging month music wise!I've not had the time as been very busy and I've had other things that i wanted to (try and get across)on the blog mainly a couple of trips down memory lane via mister's Fred perry and Ben Sherman,which are subjects close to my heart and my post regarding the jam playing in 1979,although i like these posts,i wasn't able to put down the actual words that where bouncing around in my head,as I'm practising putting down ideas i have that hopefully will one day turn into a book about the area i grew up in and the people of that area etc,my post regarding the jam certainly touched my heart strings and its the best post on the blog by far,not listened to much music this month,after the amount of posts last month i took an unexpected rest! i had to really swallow my pride with a visit to bramall lane,as being an owl i don't really want to visit the ground of the red and white quarter Wednesday's lesser rivals,but anyway i pretty much enjoyed the game and kept my record of "never having paid to get in the lane since 1980" going, couple of good goals and sheff utds youth put up a good display against a truly awesome man utd side who always seemed to have that bit of extra time and space,on reflection you can see where football will end up as man utds lads where from all 4 corners of the world whereas the blades team where from (mostly) the 4 corners of Sheffield so credit to them, it will be interesting to see how many of these lads are playing league football in 3 years.

 Great day out at the yearly Armando's scooter shop open day, this is something of an annual event which has been running for more years then i can remember,the day before was the "camping in catcliffe" rally so quite a few stragglers on there way home from that one called in at this,well over 100 scooters by the time we left after having the usual walk around the shop front and back and seeing what they had in,its amazing how the prices have shot up over the last 4 years or so,with the advancement in building engines there is now an endless choice of different size engines you can have and tuning and paintwork etc,so saving up's on the way!one thing i did notice was that there didnt seem to be a lot of custom scoots on show,maybe it was just the turnout i dont know but to me and my ex scooter club buddies it was always about your scooter being different from the rest,still some great scoots!

a pair of specials ready for restoration
a goldmine of old scoots!

a couple of LD's with armandos SX200 in green and yellow at the side.
the black and white photo at the top of the page is sharrowvale road,which runs parallel with ecclesall road,its a bit of a up and coming street with new shops and cafes opening all the time,they have a market on once a month which has a great variety of stalls including a lot of food as well,sharrowvale road always reminds me of the harry enfield character,the one where he has a shop called "you've been had" selling rubbish to "posh" people for extremely high prices! great stuff.

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