Thursday, 5 May 2011


First time i saw the jam was at sheffield poly in november 1978,i was a big jam fan at that time,and after seeing them i came out an even bigger fan!Next time round was May 1979,the jam where doing a tour that took in sheffield for 2 dates,the previous time i saw them the crowd was a mix of mostly punks,students and maybe a few mods,which at the time i didnt know much about,with the release of the All Mod Cons album it opened up a whole new way of life for myself and thousands of other teenagers,this time around one of the things i remembered about this gig was how it was 95% young mods such as myself,it was the start of something big and new,something that us 15 year olds could call ours,we where there at the start,or probably just before the start as myself and my friends at the time had got the basics of the weller/jam look with the harrington jackets and the doc marten shoes and the suede boots plus the shermans and the perrys!and then the mod revival came!which lead me to this long relationship with people like paul weller,the jam, and mr ben sherman and mr fred perry,with this the beginning of a huge movement it came at a price,Mrs thatcher wormed her way into power the day before this great gig,and as we all know all our lives changed completely,However this is a music blog and not a politics blog which i dont do,and besides they are all the same lying cheating middle class ex public schoolboys never to be trusted.Back to more important things!!on viewing these pictures,which i hasten to add i will probably get sued for as i aint got the copyright it really gave me a wakeup on how life is sooo short and things that you do and places you go can so easily got lost in the following years,ive a few scattered memories of this gig,it really pains me that a lot of these gigs i went to when at school i dont remember much about them,yet i have a mate who must a photographic memory as he can talk for hours about stuff as if it was done yesterday,the lager was 29p,i bought a tour badge which i still have,i think i bought a strangetown tee shirt,i remember being stood maybe near the front middle or stage right front and a hippy roadie moving stuff about on stage and a mod shouted out something about his trousers and the roadie replied "do you want your teeth kicking down your throat?" to which a great roar went up and loads of stuff got thrown at the roadie!
There was all these young kids my age,in perrys levis suede boots/shoes,shortish haircuts,a few parkas a lot of black suits and white shirts,i want to go back to this day and view it all and view myself as that young 15 year old lad on the verge of  being a man,with my school mates such a great time,the photo below was taken from one of the balconys and 2 of my best friends at the time are clearly seen bang in front of the stage in front of Mr Weller, ive blown this picture up loads of times but no i cant see myself,if i did it would break my heart,to see myself as that big daft skinny 15 year old having the F**King time of his life!
The area where these photos where taken was pretty rundown at that time,the hotel next door was on its last legs,now the areas different all mod cons so to speak the hotel is a bar that has bands on and the row of houses are now offices etc,when ive chatted to lads from sheffield about the jam and this gig was a major turning point in the scene in sheffield loads of now 44-48 year olds state how these two gigs changed there lifes and directed what musical road they would go down, i and my mates where never the same again, we made it well known that we had been  there at this gig,we where part of a new exciting scene,the jam where our band and we made it well clear that they where,
This post is purely about myself getting lost in my youth, no downloads just something thats a bit of my heart
its also nearly 32 years ago give or take a day  that this event happened,plus here we are yet again on a day to vote to change absolutely FUCK ALL,first past the post or multiple choice,im not sure,but one thing i couldnt careless about your voting system, i love 1979 i love everything about it, the music, the gigs, the bands,the great times, clothes,girlfriends, mates, supping lager thinking i was big, yes truly great,i hope my son has such a great time as i did!!


  1. Great stuff. 1979 was a big turning point in my life. Same story (Except i was a punk) love reading stuff like this. Brilliant post.

  2. Brilliant story. I was there too, Bruce drinking a pint chatting with fans in the bar, time to go backstage and the student security wouldn't let him past.

    By the way, a great Jam gig!!!

  3. I was there thanks for reminding me great story