Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Following on from my posts regarding the great Fred Perry Polo Shirt,another item that was always well sought after was the ben sherman button down collar shirt,which first appeared in 1963 after its founder realised that early 1960s London-based modern jazz fans were eagerly buying the Oxford-cloth American button-down shirt brands such as brook brothers,so he decided to market his own design,these shirts of course where soon adapted by the mods and came in various colours with a great styling of the pleat down the back and the button at the back of the collar,throughout the 60s and the shirt was popular with the skinhead/suedeheads of the early 70s and the  mod revivalists of the late 70s of which i was one.
The 1st Ben Sherman i ever had was the "hand me down" which i mentioned in the previous post regarding fred perry,this was a short sleeved yellow,green,red checked shirt that i must have worn everyday for at least 6 months!i would take it off as soon as i got in from school and my mum would wash it, a bit like that old persil add with the lad and his white shirt, soon followed sherman's in plain blue, pink and green, and checked and striped in different colours,myself and my mates would search out shops all over sheffield looking for some old stock or something that nobody else had got, it also got us to explore parts of sheffield we had never ventured to or just didnt know about certainly at that age sheffield was a huge place to be.i found a great supply of ben shermans in a kind of  old stock place that burtons set up in the old wilson peck shop on the corner of barkers pool which had boxes full of clothes that you had to search thru, i found a great black and white shirt that one half was black and the other side was white with a great button down collar,i also found some brutus button downs as well that where like rocking sh** around that time,one of my mates who was a bit older then me would buy a shirt that looked mod and his girlfriend would sew buttons on the collar to make it look like a button down he had a great selection of shirts and was forever being asked where he had got that "sherman",i had around 25 in all probably more clothes then i have now,the sherman is in and out of fashion but its one of those items that always looks fresh and smart,to me it went downhill a bit in the early 90s when it attracted the "beer boys" who would wear it hung out which then made it look like any other run of the mill shirt whilst throwing punches around and drinking water (carlsberg,heineken,carling etc)however in recent years sherman has got it's act together and done some great 60s fit shermans with the limited edition paul weller shirts going down great in pink and grey and pink and blue as seen opp of the great man himself,so hopefully the future is looking bright for the great ben sherman as they seem to be doing a lot more designs  that pay homage to the stylish 60s shirts they made there name by! ive included a few pics of myself as i young mod these probably date from around late 1980 early 1981 with me wearing a couple of shermans,just wish we had took more photos back then, but we must have been enjoying ourselves too much!!

and yes those goalposts are still there!

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