Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hasn't april been great? all that sunshine,just wondering if we will get the next 5 months the same,probably not,but we can't have it all ways now can we?It's that time of the year where the promotion and relegation run ins  start happening,on the promotion side there's always a team that makes that late running,and you always see a team thats been nr the top most of the season take a downturn in form and suddenly start sweating on getting at least 2 or 3 results to stick em back in that promotion/play-off position.Not so Sheffield Wednesday as we are just about safe after having to look over our shoulder at the bottom of  league one approaching at a great rate of knots,this month we seemed to have finally been able to put together some results,which started with a 2-1 win against colchester united at home followed by a 4-0 beating of tranmere rovers,we went down to brighton full of ourselves only to come away with nil points,next home game we beat hartlepool 2-0 and then grabbed a point at walsall,then a 3-1 win against swindon town and a point in a feisty confrontation at bristol rovers which sent the gasmen down.
It seems crazy as we where sat proudly at the top during september/october and we fell apart completely,its been a tough division and  the "senior" players ie clinton morrison and neil mellor have not really cut it but saying that he has weighed in with 20+ goals for the season,for all morrisons huff and puff he has had a poor return in the goal scoring department, i thought Giles Coke would have weighed in a few more,along with jermaine johnson who had a poor return although he spent quite a lot of time out injured this season,So its going to interesting who's kept and who's given there cards,it all makes for a very interesting summer.
Loads of posts this month as well, as stated in some of this months posts i had a huge clearout and binned loads of discs full of albums,some i uploaded,some i didnt bother with due to having other things to do that where more important,however ive still got loads that im going to post and then probably bin so get em while they are there!!,im probably going to have a break from posting for a week or so,as im going to try and give the blog a bit of a different look about it.
Shame about the great poly styrene,who died earlier this week,yet again another victim of cancer,X-ray-spex where a great band who probably should have produced a bit more,they gave us some classics and sort of made a different sound with the saxophone, at a time when it was guitar bass and drum,Im not sure whats on the cards for the coming month,as usual i always say what im hoping to do in the monthly round up but the month always seems to go down a different road! Now lets not forget the wedding! what a great day it was,the prince is a very lucky man,and kate is probably a very lucky woman as well!it was great to see the queen looking well for 85 years old and hopefully her visit to ireland will go well,you cant fault the ole lass for all the travelling she does,especially at her age!St georges day was yet again a total non event!"lets move easter" would have been the reasoning,any excuse whatsoever to stop us celebrating this our day,the country goes head over heels to celebrate st patrick's day,but nothing at all for which is our day, well done!
We celebrated st georges day in our own way with a trip to the embassy in sheffield to an event run by the seven hills scooter club,fat piggy the organiser always runs a good evening and this one started at midday with a parts and scooter fair held there,i couldnt make the afternoon but on seeing pictures it had a good turnout,after nearly being killed by the kamikaze taxi driver i arrived at the club in the evening and having a couple next door we ventured in,lots of old faces and a lot of new ones,the band was The Modest  a 3 piece tribute band playing various mod,ska and soul covers,they where ok but its always one of those events where most will stand around chatting until the beer takes hold! i bumped into  a lad who i aint seen in 30 years who i went thru school with,it was good to see him and he is bang into the scooter scene and the music,so good on you mate and good look in that search for a vespa!Whilst on the scooter/scene an old mate of mine from years ago has just started a new venture with a northern soul/mod themed cafe,check out the previous post regarding this and it was a pretty good day as well with over 100 scooters present,photos from this event will be posted later.

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