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ok 1st music post of the month and here's a great recording of the stranglers live in sheffield,still a great band after all this time,a truly great live version of "time to kill"

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Friday, 27 May 2011


 Well its been a pretty much non existent blogging month music wise!I've not had the time as been very busy and I've had other things that i wanted to (try and get across)on the blog mainly a couple of trips down memory lane via mister's Fred perry and Ben Sherman,which are subjects close to my heart and my post regarding the jam playing in 1979,although i like these posts,i wasn't able to put down the actual words that where bouncing around in my head,as I'm practising putting down ideas i have that hopefully will one day turn into a book about the area i grew up in and the people of that area etc,my post regarding the jam certainly touched my heart strings and its the best post on the blog by far,not listened to much music this month,after the amount of posts last month i took an unexpected rest! i had to really swallow my pride with a visit to bramall lane,as being an owl i don't really want to visit the ground of the red and white quarter Wednesday's lesser rivals,but anyway i pretty much enjoyed the game and kept my record of "never having paid to get in the lane since 1980" going, couple of good goals and sheff utds youth put up a good display against a truly awesome man utd side who always seemed to have that bit of extra time and space,on reflection you can see where football will end up as man utds lads where from all 4 corners of the world whereas the blades team where from (mostly) the 4 corners of Sheffield so credit to them, it will be interesting to see how many of these lads are playing league football in 3 years.

 Great day out at the yearly Armando's scooter shop open day, this is something of an annual event which has been running for more years then i can remember,the day before was the "camping in catcliffe" rally so quite a few stragglers on there way home from that one called in at this,well over 100 scooters by the time we left after having the usual walk around the shop front and back and seeing what they had in,its amazing how the prices have shot up over the last 4 years or so,with the advancement in building engines there is now an endless choice of different size engines you can have and tuning and paintwork etc,so saving up's on the way!one thing i did notice was that there didnt seem to be a lot of custom scoots on show,maybe it was just the turnout i dont know but to me and my ex scooter club buddies it was always about your scooter being different from the rest,still some great scoots!

a pair of specials ready for restoration
a goldmine of old scoots!

a couple of LD's with armandos SX200 in green and yellow at the side.
the black and white photo at the top of the page is sharrowvale road,which runs parallel with ecclesall road,its a bit of a up and coming street with new shops and cafes opening all the time,they have a market on once a month which has a great variety of stalls including a lot of food as well,sharrowvale road always reminds me of the harry enfield character,the one where he has a shop called "you've been had" selling rubbish to "posh" people for extremely high prices! great stuff.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Following on from my posts regarding the great Fred Perry Polo Shirt,another item that was always well sought after was the ben sherman button down collar shirt,which first appeared in 1963 after its founder realised that early 1960s London-based modern jazz fans were eagerly buying the Oxford-cloth American button-down shirt brands such as brook brothers,so he decided to market his own design,these shirts of course where soon adapted by the mods and came in various colours with a great styling of the pleat down the back and the button at the back of the collar,throughout the 60s and the shirt was popular with the skinhead/suedeheads of the early 70s and the  mod revivalists of the late 70s of which i was one.
The 1st Ben Sherman i ever had was the "hand me down" which i mentioned in the previous post regarding fred perry,this was a short sleeved yellow,green,red checked shirt that i must have worn everyday for at least 6 months!i would take it off as soon as i got in from school and my mum would wash it, a bit like that old persil add with the lad and his white shirt, soon followed sherman's in plain blue, pink and green, and checked and striped in different colours,myself and my mates would search out shops all over sheffield looking for some old stock or something that nobody else had got, it also got us to explore parts of sheffield we had never ventured to or just didnt know about certainly at that age sheffield was a huge place to be.i found a great supply of ben shermans in a kind of  old stock place that burtons set up in the old wilson peck shop on the corner of barkers pool which had boxes full of clothes that you had to search thru, i found a great black and white shirt that one half was black and the other side was white with a great button down collar,i also found some brutus button downs as well that where like rocking sh** around that time,one of my mates who was a bit older then me would buy a shirt that looked mod and his girlfriend would sew buttons on the collar to make it look like a button down he had a great selection of shirts and was forever being asked where he had got that "sherman",i had around 25 in all probably more clothes then i have now,the sherman is in and out of fashion but its one of those items that always looks fresh and smart,to me it went downhill a bit in the early 90s when it attracted the "beer boys" who would wear it hung out which then made it look like any other run of the mill shirt whilst throwing punches around and drinking water (carlsberg,heineken,carling etc)however in recent years sherman has got it's act together and done some great 60s fit shermans with the limited edition paul weller shirts going down great in pink and grey and pink and blue as seen opp of the great man himself,so hopefully the future is looking bright for the great ben sherman as they seem to be doing a lot more designs  that pay homage to the stylish 60s shirts they made there name by! ive included a few pics of myself as i young mod these probably date from around late 1980 early 1981 with me wearing a couple of shermans,just wish we had took more photos back then, but we must have been enjoying ourselves too much!!

and yes those goalposts are still there!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Following on from the previous post regarding the jam and the beginnings of my mod roots,one of the items that was a "must have" item was of course the Fred Perry polo shirt,this is a mod classic and was worn by the mods in the 60s and since then has been one of those items that never seems to go out of fashion, always seeming to reinvent itself,but never really changing the design whatsoever! the skinhead and suedeboys of the late 60s and early 70s championed fred perry's it was part of there uniform, come 1978-79 and the mod revival every youth who was attracted to this new scene had to have one,i as a 14-15 was lucky in that department as my older sister had been a skinhead around the early 70s and of course most of what she wore was mens clothes so i was well looked after by having all her hand-me -downs!!
the 1st perry i had was the classic white polo shirt, others followed swiftly once i had saved the dinner money and my glass collecting money!all my mates where wearing them and looking back now at old photos and the internet,everybody looked fresh faced and smart,it was a great time.
fashion changed in the early 80s of course and the casual movement got a grip on the nations youth,with fred perry being swapped for lyle and scott,lacoste,sergio tacchini,ellese,fila etc,to me these brands never compered to the great fred perry polo shirt,as you can dress them up or dress them down, i wore mine,with jeans and trainers, jeans and shoes, drainpipe trousers and shoes or trainers,you always look at somebody differently if they are wearing a perry,it signals what kind of music they are into,at one time you could walk round town and by just looking at what teenagers where wearing you knew what sort of music they where into,not anymore its all tracksuits tucked in silly socks and hoods and crappy sportswear, the generation of dressing good seems to have gone out the window.
You can of course dress a perry up,unlike the masses of henri lloyd and hackett wearing kids who just chuck one on with it hung out matched up with the baseball cap and the jeans,plus the collar turned up,doing this with a perry would be a sin and worthy of being hung drawn and quartered,in my youth probably around 1980 my best mate's mother had a catalogue may have been freemans,anyway they had some knitted wool round neck fred perrys,they where sky blue with a darker blue band around the chest with the perry laurel in white,boy did we think we where the bees knees wearing these, i teamed mine up with either black or sky blue drainpipes or bleached jeans,i got some serious wear from this top, i can even remember i had a pull on the side somewhere,fred perry also did those great bomber jackets in white and blue of which i had both,i lost touch with all this gear around 1983 and sort of fell out with it all, selling most of what i had at a local youth club to all the young mods coming thru,i had loads of perrys and ben shermans, which is another story.......................................

Myself and a mate circa 1980 sporting fred perry jacket,levi 501s,ben sherman and the long weller cut!

Thursday, 5 May 2011


First time i saw the jam was at sheffield poly in november 1978,i was a big jam fan at that time,and after seeing them i came out an even bigger fan!Next time round was May 1979,the jam where doing a tour that took in sheffield for 2 dates,the previous time i saw them the crowd was a mix of mostly punks,students and maybe a few mods,which at the time i didnt know much about,with the release of the All Mod Cons album it opened up a whole new way of life for myself and thousands of other teenagers,this time around one of the things i remembered about this gig was how it was 95% young mods such as myself,it was the start of something big and new,something that us 15 year olds could call ours,we where there at the start,or probably just before the start as myself and my friends at the time had got the basics of the weller/jam look with the harrington jackets and the doc marten shoes and the suede boots plus the shermans and the perrys!and then the mod revival came!which lead me to this long relationship with people like paul weller,the jam, and mr ben sherman and mr fred perry,with this the beginning of a huge movement it came at a price,Mrs thatcher wormed her way into power the day before this great gig,and as we all know all our lives changed completely,However this is a music blog and not a politics blog which i dont do,and besides they are all the same lying cheating middle class ex public schoolboys never to be trusted.Back to more important things!!on viewing these pictures,which i hasten to add i will probably get sued for as i aint got the copyright it really gave me a wakeup on how life is sooo short and things that you do and places you go can so easily got lost in the following years,ive a few scattered memories of this gig,it really pains me that a lot of these gigs i went to when at school i dont remember much about them,yet i have a mate who must a photographic memory as he can talk for hours about stuff as if it was done yesterday,the lager was 29p,i bought a tour badge which i still have,i think i bought a strangetown tee shirt,i remember being stood maybe near the front middle or stage right front and a hippy roadie moving stuff about on stage and a mod shouted out something about his trousers and the roadie replied "do you want your teeth kicking down your throat?" to which a great roar went up and loads of stuff got thrown at the roadie!
There was all these young kids my age,in perrys levis suede boots/shoes,shortish haircuts,a few parkas a lot of black suits and white shirts,i want to go back to this day and view it all and view myself as that young 15 year old lad on the verge of  being a man,with my school mates such a great time,the photo below was taken from one of the balconys and 2 of my best friends at the time are clearly seen bang in front of the stage in front of Mr Weller, ive blown this picture up loads of times but no i cant see myself,if i did it would break my heart,to see myself as that big daft skinny 15 year old having the F**King time of his life!
The area where these photos where taken was pretty rundown at that time,the hotel next door was on its last legs,now the areas different all mod cons so to speak the hotel is a bar that has bands on and the row of houses are now offices etc,when ive chatted to lads from sheffield about the jam and this gig was a major turning point in the scene in sheffield loads of now 44-48 year olds state how these two gigs changed there lifes and directed what musical road they would go down, i and my mates where never the same again, we made it well known that we had been  there at this gig,we where part of a new exciting scene,the jam where our band and we made it well clear that they where,
This post is purely about myself getting lost in my youth, no downloads just something thats a bit of my heart
its also nearly 32 years ago give or take a day  that this event happened,plus here we are yet again on a day to vote to change absolutely FUCK ALL,first past the post or multiple choice,im not sure,but one thing i couldnt careless about your voting system, i love 1979 i love everything about it, the music, the gigs, the bands,the great times, clothes,girlfriends, mates, supping lager thinking i was big, yes truly great,i hope my son has such a great time as i did!!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hasn't april been great? all that sunshine,just wondering if we will get the next 5 months the same,probably not,but we can't have it all ways now can we?It's that time of the year where the promotion and relegation run ins  start happening,on the promotion side there's always a team that makes that late running,and you always see a team thats been nr the top most of the season take a downturn in form and suddenly start sweating on getting at least 2 or 3 results to stick em back in that promotion/play-off position.Not so Sheffield Wednesday as we are just about safe after having to look over our shoulder at the bottom of  league one approaching at a great rate of knots,this month we seemed to have finally been able to put together some results,which started with a 2-1 win against colchester united at home followed by a 4-0 beating of tranmere rovers,we went down to brighton full of ourselves only to come away with nil points,next home game we beat hartlepool 2-0 and then grabbed a point at walsall,then a 3-1 win against swindon town and a point in a feisty confrontation at bristol rovers which sent the gasmen down.
It seems crazy as we where sat proudly at the top during september/october and we fell apart completely,its been a tough division and  the "senior" players ie clinton morrison and neil mellor have not really cut it but saying that he has weighed in with 20+ goals for the season,for all morrisons huff and puff he has had a poor return in the goal scoring department, i thought Giles Coke would have weighed in a few more,along with jermaine johnson who had a poor return although he spent quite a lot of time out injured this season,So its going to interesting who's kept and who's given there cards,it all makes for a very interesting summer.
Loads of posts this month as well, as stated in some of this months posts i had a huge clearout and binned loads of discs full of albums,some i uploaded,some i didnt bother with due to having other things to do that where more important,however ive still got loads that im going to post and then probably bin so get em while they are there!!,im probably going to have a break from posting for a week or so,as im going to try and give the blog a bit of a different look about it.
Shame about the great poly styrene,who died earlier this week,yet again another victim of cancer,X-ray-spex where a great band who probably should have produced a bit more,they gave us some classics and sort of made a different sound with the saxophone, at a time when it was guitar bass and drum,Im not sure whats on the cards for the coming month,as usual i always say what im hoping to do in the monthly round up but the month always seems to go down a different road! Now lets not forget the wedding! what a great day it was,the prince is a very lucky man,and kate is probably a very lucky woman as well!it was great to see the queen looking well for 85 years old and hopefully her visit to ireland will go well,you cant fault the ole lass for all the travelling she does,especially at her age!St georges day was yet again a total non event!"lets move easter" would have been the reasoning,any excuse whatsoever to stop us celebrating this our day,the country goes head over heels to celebrate st patrick's day,but nothing at all for which is our day, well done!
We celebrated st georges day in our own way with a trip to the embassy in sheffield to an event run by the seven hills scooter club,fat piggy the organiser always runs a good evening and this one started at midday with a parts and scooter fair held there,i couldnt make the afternoon but on seeing pictures it had a good turnout,after nearly being killed by the kamikaze taxi driver i arrived at the club in the evening and having a couple next door we ventured in,lots of old faces and a lot of new ones,the band was The Modest  a 3 piece tribute band playing various mod,ska and soul covers,they where ok but its always one of those events where most will stand around chatting until the beer takes hold! i bumped into  a lad who i aint seen in 30 years who i went thru school with,it was good to see him and he is bang into the scooter scene and the music,so good on you mate and good look in that search for a vespa!Whilst on the scooter/scene an old mate of mine from years ago has just started a new venture with a northern soul/mod themed cafe,check out the previous post regarding this and it was a pretty good day as well with over 100 scooters present,photos from this event will be posted later.