Thursday, 28 April 2011


The Lurkers from 1978, yet again here's an album that features one of the 1st punk records i heard and bought (john peel festive 50 1977) a truly awesome record,ive still got this single and it was one i had scanned and printed on vinyl which i had on my scooter,great band, owed a bit to the F**king great ramones, in fact they played in rotherham last year,but i missed them!
1. Ain't Got a Clue
2. I Don't Need to Tell Her
3. Total War
4. Hey You
5. Shadow
6. Then I Kicked Her
7. Go Go Go
8. Jenny
9. Time of Year
10. Self Destruct
11. It's Quiet Here
12. Gerald
13. I'm on Heat
14. Be My Prisoner

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  1. classic album, i bought mine from Honest jons in ole camden town pay no more then £2.99 ha ah those were the daze, you can hear them ripping the Ramones off but hey it's in the top ten punk albums for me thanx Pete