Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I had a drive past chesterfield's new state of the art stadium and was well impressed,its on my list and ive not had the chance to actually go to a game there yet,but by all accounts its quite a nice stadium,so as i was passing i thought i would try and get a couple of pictures of the ground mainly from the outside,anyway the ground is easy to find near enough straight off the motorway or just head for tesco's giant new superstore! from "our end" of town its a trip down the dronfield bypass and then along whittington moor, the old A61 road near enough opposite where that nightclub was where we all would get the shite kicked out of us!i think at one time the land was a huge glass factory or something,its a lovely little stadium with parking around most of the sides of the ground and you could make the excuse of taking your missus shopping and she could quite easily spend a couple of hours in the tesco which is bang next door!
I watched chesterfield for a couple of seasons around the early 90s with a neighbour at the old saltergate or recreation ground which was a proper old style football ground,it looks like wednesday will be playing chesterfield next season so heres another to mark off the list,not sure of the capacity its maybe around 10,000 with the option of filling in the corners to add more,but what little i saw from the outside its well worth a visit.The daft thing is,that its probably nearer to my house then hillsborough and probably easier to get to!!

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