Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Oh dear! looks like clive dunn had another whinge on sunday with the last minute penalty given to liverpool that just about dumps ARSE'S "keepyupy big kid come and get the ball off me,in the playground" Team of  "superstars" out of the running for the premiership title, Good ole Kenny dalglish for telling clive dunn to "Piss off",i wish i had clive dunn's eyesight as he could clearly see the push by one of his "superstars" on a liverpool player thru a crowd of players and at least 100 yards away as well!But according to the "whinging one" it wasnt a penalty,even tho the ref was stood at least 90 yards nearer!
I F**king hate ARSEnal with a passion as wenger has ruined this once great game with his team of "dont dare tackle my players" style of playing, i hope you win F**K ALL for the next 50 years!!

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