Thursday, 3 March 2011


On a previous post (short circuit live at the electric circus) there is a track from this band,when all around most of the bands playing at the time where punk/new wave and steel pulse where slap bang in the middle of all this great music going off, this is an absolute classic, the track ."Macka Splaff" appears on short circuit and the crowd reaction is awesome, the pulse had really got the punk crowd on there side!The title of the album is named after the district of birmingham where the band came from,For me ive had this on my mp3 player all week playing it around 5-6 times a day whilst in work! at present im listening to more and more music from this period 77-80 then i did back in those years!
1 Handsworth Revolution
2 Bad Man
3 Soldiers
4 Sound Check
5 Prodigal Son
6 Ku Klux Klan
7 Prediction
8 Macka Splaff

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