Monday, 21 March 2011


We had a great afternoon out today at our local non league side, sheffield fc, the reason we visited the coach and horses was my son's football team Norton Lees Juniors had been asked to do a penalty shootout at half time and to also do a bit of "bucket waving" with the chairman of sheffield fc (timmsy) letting the lads keep whatever was chucked in em!!think what was collected was split between our club and the help for heroes charity,anyway a great sunny day greeted the 20 or so youngsters who made up some of the under 7s and the under 8s teams,
and a great mix of parents as well,the lads all sat in the small seated stand behind the goal and where soon making lots of noise as 8 year olds do! in fact outsinging the 20 or so leek town fans,a good game and with leek taking the lead around 20 mins with a bobbling shot that the keeper just got a fingertip touch to as it found its home in the bottom corner of the net,5 mins later sheffield went down the other end and got one back with a further goal added before halftime with sheffield going in 2-1,
at half time the lads lined up and had a penalty shoot out with the u13s goalkeeper between the sticks,some great penaltys and my lad scored with it ending a draw between both sides,i was quite impressed by the u7s as at least 5 of them where left footed,something our team and most others are looking for,after taking a bow in front of the crowd the lads proceeded to rattle ther buckets and a healthy return of coins came back!!2nd half and leek came out a bit quicker then sheffield and put 2 goals in with sheffield totally lacking in inspiration at all,only for

 Andrew Gascoigne to lead a charge snatching a brace with minutes to spare,helping sheffield gain a totally unexpected victory and more importantly a massive 3 points! i enjoyed this game as its been 18 months or so since we ventured to the  bt local business stadium and the only downside was the behaviour of a certain few leek town fans who wanted to cause some trouble,mainly 4 or 5 teenagers
who had been drinking from cans and then got abusive,it got calmed down with the police moving in to sort it out,however they managed to return and ended up fighting with there own teams fans,a sad reflection on football today, a lot of lads i know who watch non league do it to get away from all that grief that threatened our game years ago and its something that we dont want to see at non league level or "proper football" anyway sheffield ran out 4-3 winners great game!

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