Thursday, 31 March 2011


Yep its finally over! all those horrible wet and cold freezing mornings going to work in the dark to be replaced by daylight! im not a winter person at all, so im pretty glad to see the back of what has been the longest winter ever!all that snow we had hanging around for weeks at a time and now's the time to pay for it as we have just had a whopping great gas and electric of over £400!Now i know that we can still have some bad weather as a change in the clocks aint going to affect it one little bit!So on to my usual moan about the mighty blue and white wizards,yet again a season that started out promising has fallen apart quicker then a benidorm market watch,and above all it see's us trying to chase a few more points to actually stay up in the division,rather then making the play offs!it wasnt a bad month to start off with as ive had quite a lot to listen to and have found some decent little gems hidden away, however the last 2 weeks have been slow with not much listened to due to work conditions,and the fact that we havnt got our stereo plugged in at the minute due to a bit of swopping cabinets around! 
this week ive cleared my mp3 player down,and loaded it with some newies only to find my headphones are broke,so ive got to put up with the crappy radio on in the background at work until i can get to town to buy some new ones!its been a long month and ive enjoyed posting most of the stuff,only downside is yet again stuff ive uploaded has appeared on bobjuice messageboard couple of days after my posts and as i dont tend to  post on this site ive had my account removed,it pisses me off that a lot of my stuff that ive spent time converting is elsewhere and now i cant gain access to the site! if you are going to download from here please leave a thanks thats all i ask!
Back to the fucking piss poor performances of sheffield wednesday,what the fucks happening down at hillsborough? we lose 2-4 at home to plymouth in the first game of this month,followed by an away game at oldham (memories) we go 0-2 up only for the latics to come straight back into the game with the scores on the doors at halftime being 2-2 with chris sedgewick  getting the winner ten minutes into the 2nd half,next home game against notts county surely we can get something against the magpies? well no we lose 0-1 to ten men behind the ball county,its looking dreadful with the bottom half of the table approaching like a runaway train and the top half disappearing like a puff of smoke.worse is to come we are at home to peterborough united midweek and by halftime we are the usual 0-3 down,with loads walking out, heffernan gives the owls a glimmer of hope only for boyd add his 2nd of the game and give the posh a easy 1-4 victory,still worse is to come and a tv appearance at southampton with us putting up a great display to only lose 2-0,megson's blast at his team aint working at all,we steal a point at dagenham and redbridge with a dodgy penalty awarded for a ball to hand incident,and by god need we need the point,hopefully we have bottomed out,but no last nights home game v brentford in front of 14000 and we run out 1-3 losers,so its going to be a struggle to the finish line as we are 4 points clear of the drop zone.

As i mentioned earlier in the post we are having a bit of a clearout of a cabinet and we must have around 400+ cds sat on our dining room table,quite a lot are bootlegs and to be honest they aint been played in a long time so im probably going to put a list up of what i dont want and probably charge a couple or 3 quid for them basically to cover my postage costs and the fact that we are skint!!this is due to shares that our company gave us back in 2007 and where due to be paid out in april with a price of £2.00 per share,we now find that basically the company is skint and are using the excuse of a downturn in revenue and the company not being worth owt as the reason! so im £1000 down! which was going towards paying a debt off, the bastards!!

back to football and we really enjoyed our visit to sheffield fc this month as its been a while since we went there,also on the cards is maybe a trip up to staveley mwfc,as previously posted we went a couple of years ago and since then the ground has been upgraded with a new terracing and clubhouse so new photo opportunities,next month is st georges day so hopefully you will all be out celebrating our great patron saint! we are going to a st georges  day gig hosted by the mighty seven hills scooter club with a band called the Modest playing so look out for that post.Best post this month i reckon is the steel pulse handsworth revolution and the immediates tailor made but please make up your own minds!So thats this month over,my aims for april are to get out a bit with the camera and take some photos of sheffield and the surrounding area,and hopefully a bit more blogging!!!


  1. Just happened on your blog and just skimming through at the moment. Went up to Hillsborough for the Orient game this season and had a great time. Stayed over and ended up in some rock pub in the city center.Looks like we'll be going next season (twice).

  2. yes mate it does! you must have been in the casbah or the nelson pub then

  3. how did searching for Handsworth Revolution by Steel Pulse get me here. . .