Tuesday, 29 March 2011


We got these tickets as a replacement for missing Interpol late last year in manchester when we had all that bad snow! as my missus was well and truly gutted at missing them,so here we where in yorkshire's 2nd city of leeds,not been to the 02 academy in leeds before and not sure if it has been a concert venue before,its years since i went to leeds and it seems to have changed a bit,although the route in to the city was how i remembered it as we where staying just up from the railway station in a "boutique" style hotel,you know the ones where you cant see a fucking thing you are doing in the room due to them not having many lights!So we made our way up to the 02 and had a few peroni's in the wetherspoons at the top of millenium square and then decided to venture in,and it was rammed,eventually we found somewhere to stand,my missus likes to go down the front at interpol but tonight it just wasnt on,shes done it a blackpool and sheffield but not here, it was just too full,so we ended up down the side of the hall,not sure who the support band was,who where ok,im not really up on newer interpol songs,so some of them i didnt know,however they played a good set of some of the earlier darker stuff,playing including encore for about 90 mins,pretty good overall,but a bit of a downside was the "students" why oh why do you pay all that money to just stand and text for 90 minutes? its really annoying!!

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