Monday, 21 March 2011


This is a free cd given away with mojo 2 or 3 years ago,these freebies can either be brilliant, or terrible and this falls into the 1st category,as most of the 15 tracks are really good,but thats only my personal opinion!stand out tracks for me are my old favs and one of the first punk bands i ever listened to on the radio was johnny moped, i must upload his album truly a great artist!plus the vibrators and a classic from the adverts, this is a cracking album!
1 Wild Youth - Generation X
2 Bored Teenagers - The Adverts
3 I Don't Wanna - Sham 69
4 London Girls - The Vibrators
5 I Don't Care - The Boys
6 One Track Mind - Johnny Thunders &The Heartbreakers
7 Lowdown - Wire
8 I Am A Cliche - X-Ray Spex
9 Where's Bill Grundy Now? - Television Personalities
10 The Murder Of Liddle Towers - Angelic Upstarts
11 Action Time Vision - Alternative TV
12 Outside View - Eater
13 C.I.D. - U.K. Subs
14 No-One - Johnny Moped
15 Things In General - The Prefects

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