Saturday, 5 March 2011


Im having a bit of a break away from the computer and the internet for a few days and not doing a great deal at all! i seemed to have been spending loads of time recently at the computer be it ebaying! and various other things so thats me done for a few days,going to put my feet up and have a few beers and maybe a wander around our great park and not forgeting a trip to the pub and we have sunday morning junior  league football as well, which is coming towards the end of the season,of which ive really enjoyed most of the time and its been great to see my lad coming on in leaps and bounds compered to last season where he just made the numbers up due to the then trainer having 4 or 5 favourites and perfecting the art of not having any footballs at training! you are not missed!So next season its a step up to u9s which he could have played this year but the team struggled to get the numbers only making it at the last minute and he has really benefited from stopping at also going to have a weekend free from listening to music, ive listened to loads recently and got that much going around in my head!!
so its gonna be a few stellas and maybe a giant homemade pizza,we had curry last sunday night and i was well disappointed as we use the same place regularly and it was rubbish!im hoping for a sheffield double this weekend with the mighty owls beating plymouth and the blunts losing by a cricket score to portsmouth to seal there fate of relegation,not even making a fight of it are they?its great to see that there pre season tour is starting in march!
Got quite a few different albums to upload next week,not sure which ones but my mind always changes and what i say i will upload i never do! been listening to the new beady eye a few times this week and its certainly growing on me,nice to hear liams voice for a change rather then it being drowned out by loads of guitars playing various sex pistols,beatles,velvet underground riffs all the time!on another note the great modfellas are drummerless after simon left the band,with reading between the lines regarding posts on facebook one post suggested that the singer would only be happy when he is singing to backing tapes so somethings gone off, good luck to simon he's a awesome drummer and knows his stuff,he played in a band with a mate of mine back in the 80s so he knows the score with playing in bands!
anyway hope you have all enjoyed the last few posts and if you have anything you want to share please get in touch!

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