Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Bakewell is a small market town situated in the peak district in the county of derbyshire,its around 15 miles or so from sheffield and has a great little market on mondays and bank holidays, when i was a teenager me and some of my mates would go catch the bus from sheffield to here on bank holidays and get incredibly drunk and on one occasion we all ended up in the river! it could be a violent place as well as you would get all the sheepshagging inbreeds from chesterfield with there flared trousers and star jumpers always trying to have a pop, but usually it was to get drunk!Now we all know that bakewell is famous for its pudding,and as im partial to a bit of bun every now and then we always indulge,not sure what the ingredients are but well tasty!!! and the bakewell pudding shop has lots more buns to choose from as well!anyway we decided to have a look in at a bookshop which is slap bang in the centre of the town,right on a corner you cant miss it,saying that we seem to always walk past it,but on this occasion we ventured in,and what a jewel! there was a couple of racks of
serious music from 60s garage,beat,psychedelic, to jazz and soul a truly great selection, with posters and pictures all over the walls it was music and book freaks dream, there was walls of travel books, local interest books,fiction non fiction bios, and a incredible selection of music books that far outstripped the poxy selection waterstones have,when ive got some cash im having a revisit and spending about £50 on music books there was some real gems! i recommend a visit to bakewell,if you like buns,books and music then its the place to be!

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