Friday, 25 February 2011


Heres one that ive been meaning to post for a while,i had this years ago on the 10 inch vinyl,but for some reason i swapped or sold it all those years ago,around 1991 i was getting back into music (80s where shite) and this was one of the records i wanted back in my collection,after searching thru record collector magazine i couldnt find it so i had a quick trip to Record Collector shop in broomhill in sheffield where the assistant spent about 20 mins upstairs trying to find it only to come back and inform me it would be £25 as they only had one left,not really surprised that they had one left at £25! which 20 years ago was a lot of money,So i never bought it!The album was recorded at the electric circus in manchester and i think this was done at some of the last gigs it held,sounds like it was a great venue and a hell of a lot of punk bands played it.
So anyway fast forward to 2010 and having a chat with a lad at work who's 3 years older then me,and who went to all those great punk gigs in 1976-80 mentioned he had converted some vinyl to mp3 of which this album was one that he had done as he is a big smiths/joy division fan,so many thanks and here it is..

          Short Circuit Live At The Electric Circus
The Fall Stepping Out
John Cooper Clarke (You Never See A Nipple In The) Daily Express
Warsaw (Joy Division) At A Later Date
The Drones Persecution Complex
Steel Pulse Makka Splaff (The Colly Man)
John Cooper Clarke I Married A Monster From Outer Space
The Fall Last Orders
The Buzzcocks Time's Up


  1. the download link is down, is there any possibility of you reuploading it??

    I'd like to listen to the original vinyl sound of this album!

    thanks in advance!

  2. its an old link i will repost soon many thanks