Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Madness at the 02! this was the rearranged snowed off gig from early december when we had all that F**KING SNOW! i didnt have tickets for the gig but a mate had heard there where some returns advertised on the academy website so i nipped in quick and got 3 tickets after the usual bollox of having to create an account and then being ripped off with the booking fees etc, so here we where on the sunday and having a beer or 3 in cavells which was packed with the madness crowd all having a beer or 3 along to the sounds of the "Fat Piggy" ska disco,"Fat Piggy" (jamie) is a well known face around the ska and scooter scene in sheffield and beyond, and also a member of the seven hills scooter club,and he played some good tunes and threw in some pistols and clash to get the skinhead crowd totally confused (not hard)
So after about 6 pints we ventured across to a very very packed academy, it was just like all those years ago (32) everybody up for a good night,not sure what the support was called as they where a dance group singing to a backing track, these where a late addition due to Paul Heaton cancelling,few more beers and we where wobbling,and then here they came Madness!!! it was a greatest hits sort of thing and they where pretty good,you know what you are gonna get with madness, its crowd pleasers and it was just great to stand near the back and see the entire place bouncing around, not just the front but EVERYBODY! no chucking beer about and no fucking mobile phones in the air, a great night!not sure of the setlist as i was a bit worse for wear due to being 46 and liking a beer!
a great night and a great big hangover on monday morning! luckily i didnt have work,so a quick school run and back to bed!!

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