Monday, 28 February 2011


Febuary went quick! it started with the aforementioned post about madness,so please read elsewhere!yet another up and mostly down month for the mighty wednesday, we finally get rid of darren purse,and our defence totally crumbles with the opposition sticking goals in like they are going out of fashion within the 1st 20 minutes by which time we are the usual 2-0 down,so its looking highly unlikely that we will even make the play-offs this year although we have 16 games left so a possible 48 points to play for!on the plus front we got rid of irvine,and replaced him with an ex owls legend in gary megson of which more of later.
 I always seem to be cleaning mud off football boots? my son bought a pair of nike mercurial with his initials on them and after a couple of hours of practising free kicks and corners in the park they ended up looking like this!(above left)So it was my birthday on the 14th(47!)and decided to do something different,we always went out for a meal,but wanted a change so as luck would have it, the incredibly awesome Modfellas where playing at the seven hills scooter club event at the Embassy club in sheffield, this is a venue that sits in the suburb of intake and has been around for years, it did do or still does the usual singles knocking shop nights and various other events but anyway its a pretty good venue.
anyway with 15 or so tickets purchased it was looking like a good night was to be had! what with my older sister and her husband and another few couples and my best mate,the beer flowed!
A couple of beers in the bar round the back and we all met up and a wander in,ive been off the scooter scene since around 2003 and although i knew quite a lot of the (OLD)faces the scene seems to have changed yet again with a lot of mid-late 40s joining the scene,couple of faces i knew from football,but quite a few who i spoke to who have done the rallies over the last 2-3 year i didnt know,and a few commented on how expensive scooters and parts where! well thats what happens when the scene starts getting popular again! one of the lads i did the rallies with years ago was djing around 2000,he packed it in around 2008 due to a lot newcomers,his reasoning why was that he was playing good mixtures of blur,oasis,indie and mod and ska and anything you could dance to basically,all of a sudden the mid 40s crowd where slating him for doing this stuff and wanted the usual madness,specials,jam, bad manners,so from the scene trying to move forward with playing different stuff its gone back 30 years,its a shame,but i will rant elsewhere about it!Modfellas! great 2 sets with the second one everybody up dancing,even my missus and her mate who where both goths!
Once the modfellas finished it was time for fat piggy to play a good mixture of northern soul,jam,ska etc,Now wherever i go i always end up with something spilt or dropped on me,now for some reason i was out in my brand new Pretty Green white bomber jacket,which was just asking for something to spilt on it,well i came home clean!! cant believe it! and we even fetched home with us a takeaway curry,got to be a 1st and last for me!So lets get on to the (not so) mighty blue and white wizards,here we where 2-3 up at halftime at peterborough only to run out 5-3 losers,a totally non exsistant back four and potter getting his marching orders,following game at home to MK dons and we are chasing the game after 30 mins being 2-0 down to make matters worse the dons had 2 men sent off! next game we are away at rochdale and yes.. 2-0 down at halftime, with madine getting a goal on the 90th minute,
midweek we are away at tranmere rovers and listening to he commentary theres only one team in it which is wednesday,so the famous last words appear on the hour mark "only one team looks like scoring and its wednesday" only for Elford-Alliyu to bang one in for tranmere,a mad 5 minutes follow with giles coke sent off and wednesday falling further behind to run out a very piss poor second losing 3-0,so the fa cup beckons a visit to birmingham city who have an eye on the carling cup,crap crowd and yet another 3-0 loss,(my opinions elsewhere on this once great competition)so we are back to midweek and a huge trip down to inform bournemouth, a much improved performance resulting in us keeping a clean sheet and the cherries missing a penalty as well, and there keeper getting man of the match,a trip up to the other end of our fair isle to carlisle united and we came away with a great 0-1 victory our 1st away win in centuries,a great winner by tommy miller and maybe that 12 point gap doesnt look unobtainable after all? to top a great saturday of football off, the red and white quarter of sheffield sunk to new lows by losing 1-0 to derby county,not so F**King mouthy now boys are we? we went down on the last day of the season and you its not even march yet and you are down!looks like sheffield steelers and sheffield fc will be putting a few extra seats in to accomodate the "bandwagon jumpers exodus" fromthe lane!!!!so maybe things are lookin up!
Blog wise i think i posted some good stuff,got some unknown nuggets that im looking at posting in the next week mainly,The Fabulous Poodles,Purple hearts,the sportsmen,the immediates,and a couple of weller early 90s stuff again,seems that quite a lot of the stuff ive uploaded has recently appeared on a couple of forums,if you going to upload them to forums at least leave a thank you,as i went thru one forum and there was 7 posts all the day or day after ive uploaded them on here,so just a thank you,everything that i post i already have in my collection,its not downloaded from other blogs or forums and if it is i always namecheck the person involved!

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