Monday, 28 February 2011


Febuary went quick! it started with the aforementioned post about madness,so please read elsewhere!yet another up and mostly down month for the mighty wednesday, we finally get rid of darren purse,and our defence totally crumbles with the opposition sticking goals in like they are going out of fashion within the 1st 20 minutes by which time we are the usual 2-0 down,so its looking highly unlikely that we will even make the play-offs this year although we have 16 games left so a possible 48 points to play for!on the plus front we got rid of irvine,and replaced him with an ex owls legend in gary megson of which more of later.
 I always seem to be cleaning mud off football boots? my son bought a pair of nike mercurial with his initials on them and after a couple of hours of practising free kicks and corners in the park they ended up looking like this!(above left)So it was my birthday on the 14th(47!)and decided to do something different,we always went out for a meal,but wanted a change so as luck would have it, the incredibly awesome Modfellas where playing at the seven hills scooter club event at the Embassy club in sheffield, this is a venue that sits in the suburb of intake and has been around for years, it did do or still does the usual singles knocking shop nights and various other events but anyway its a pretty good venue.
anyway with 15 or so tickets purchased it was looking like a good night was to be had! what with my older sister and her husband and another few couples and my best mate,the beer flowed!
A couple of beers in the bar round the back and we all met up and a wander in,ive been off the scooter scene since around 2003 and although i knew quite a lot of the (OLD)faces the scene seems to have changed yet again with a lot of mid-late 40s joining the scene,couple of faces i knew from football,but quite a few who i spoke to who have done the rallies over the last 2-3 year i didnt know,and a few commented on how expensive scooters and parts where! well thats what happens when the scene starts getting popular again! one of the lads i did the rallies with years ago was djing around 2000,he packed it in around 2008 due to a lot newcomers,his reasoning why was that he was playing good mixtures of blur,oasis,indie and mod and ska and anything you could dance to basically,all of a sudden the mid 40s crowd where slating him for doing this stuff and wanted the usual madness,specials,jam, bad manners,so from the scene trying to move forward with playing different stuff its gone back 30 years,its a shame,but i will rant elsewhere about it!Modfellas! great 2 sets with the second one everybody up dancing,even my missus and her mate who where both goths!
Once the modfellas finished it was time for fat piggy to play a good mixture of northern soul,jam,ska etc,Now wherever i go i always end up with something spilt or dropped on me,now for some reason i was out in my brand new Pretty Green white bomber jacket,which was just asking for something to spilt on it,well i came home clean!! cant believe it! and we even fetched home with us a takeaway curry,got to be a 1st and last for me!So lets get on to the (not so) mighty blue and white wizards,here we where 2-3 up at halftime at peterborough only to run out 5-3 losers,a totally non exsistant back four and potter getting his marching orders,following game at home to MK dons and we are chasing the game after 30 mins being 2-0 down to make matters worse the dons had 2 men sent off! next game we are away at rochdale and yes.. 2-0 down at halftime, with madine getting a goal on the 90th minute,
midweek we are away at tranmere rovers and listening to he commentary theres only one team in it which is wednesday,so the famous last words appear on the hour mark "only one team looks like scoring and its wednesday" only for Elford-Alliyu to bang one in for tranmere,a mad 5 minutes follow with giles coke sent off and wednesday falling further behind to run out a very piss poor second losing 3-0,so the fa cup beckons a visit to birmingham city who have an eye on the carling cup,crap crowd and yet another 3-0 loss,(my opinions elsewhere on this once great competition)so we are back to midweek and a huge trip down to inform bournemouth, a much improved performance resulting in us keeping a clean sheet and the cherries missing a penalty as well, and there keeper getting man of the match,a trip up to the other end of our fair isle to carlisle united and we came away with a great 0-1 victory our 1st away win in centuries,a great winner by tommy miller and maybe that 12 point gap doesnt look unobtainable after all? to top a great saturday of football off, the red and white quarter of sheffield sunk to new lows by losing 1-0 to derby county,not so F**King mouthy now boys are we? we went down on the last day of the season and you its not even march yet and you are down!looks like sheffield steelers and sheffield fc will be putting a few extra seats in to accomodate the "bandwagon jumpers exodus" fromthe lane!!!!so maybe things are lookin up!
Blog wise i think i posted some good stuff,got some unknown nuggets that im looking at posting in the next week mainly,The Fabulous Poodles,Purple hearts,the sportsmen,the immediates,and a couple of weller early 90s stuff again,seems that quite a lot of the stuff ive uploaded has recently appeared on a couple of forums,if you going to upload them to forums at least leave a thank you,as i went thru one forum and there was 7 posts all the day or day after ive uploaded them on here,so just a thank you,everything that i post i already have in my collection,its not downloaded from other blogs or forums and if it is i always namecheck the person involved!

Friday, 25 February 2011


A band that clearly blow everybody away with there guitar based back to basics 1976-77 sound,giving a great big nod towards the Ramones, and the velvet underground, i remember hearing these for the 1st time in a bar up devonshire street one sunday and they completely blew me away!got to be one of the best debut albums ever,to me they would not have been out of place back in 1977! but we cant have it all!!
The Modern Age
Hard To Explain
Barely Legal


Heres one that ive been meaning to post for a while,i had this years ago on the 10 inch vinyl,but for some reason i swapped or sold it all those years ago,around 1991 i was getting back into music (80s where shite) and this was one of the records i wanted back in my collection,after searching thru record collector magazine i couldnt find it so i had a quick trip to Record Collector shop in broomhill in sheffield where the assistant spent about 20 mins upstairs trying to find it only to come back and inform me it would be £25 as they only had one left,not really surprised that they had one left at £25! which 20 years ago was a lot of money,So i never bought it!The album was recorded at the electric circus in manchester and i think this was done at some of the last gigs it held,sounds like it was a great venue and a hell of a lot of punk bands played it.
So anyway fast forward to 2010 and having a chat with a lad at work who's 3 years older then me,and who went to all those great punk gigs in 1976-80 mentioned he had converted some vinyl to mp3 of which this album was one that he had done as he is a big smiths/joy division fan,so many thanks and here it is..

          Short Circuit Live At The Electric Circus
The Fall Stepping Out
John Cooper Clarke (You Never See A Nipple In The) Daily Express
Warsaw (Joy Division) At A Later Date
The Drones Persecution Complex
Steel Pulse Makka Splaff (The Colly Man)
John Cooper Clarke I Married A Monster From Outer Space
The Fall Last Orders
The Buzzcocks Time's Up

Wednesday, 23 February 2011


This was pulps last gig,it wasnt a farewell or a split up but this was the last time they played at this the auto festival at the magna centre, its an old massive steel works thats had all the furnaces and equipment left in it,basically it hasnt been touched since the last bit of ENGLISH STEEL left the building,its a sort of science park  Housing exhibits dedicated to earth, wind, fire and water, great place to go for a visit,anyway it sometimes has events on in some of the massive halls,it even has bungy jumping and high wire as the building is that big! so here it is Pulp's last gig, nice quote as ever from jarvis halfway thru telling the crowd that  Oasis are on "Downt road" Top lad jarvis proper sheffielder even tho he lives in paris!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Heres another one ive just found, sound quality is not bad,5 solo weller tracks and the rest style council stuff,hope you enjoy and please leave a comment so all my hardwork has been worthwhile!

Monday, 21 February 2011


Well this is the 100th post! never thought i would do as many as quite a lot of other blogs but just hoping that ive brought something new to all you music lovers out there! Anyway this is a short session from bruce foxton from the jam,recorded in 1983 for bbc radio,great to hear foxton is doing new stuff as well,but heres some from his solo career after the jam split, a big thanks to the lad who ripped this from BBC RADIO 6 and posted it on splinters,im currently trying to fathom out software ive been given to rip from radio broadcasts so hopefully i can add something new!HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED THE FIRST 99 POSTS!!

Writing's On The Wall
Are You Ready (To Talk)
This Is The Way



This is the 1st of a few old jam bootlegs ive found on the harddrive,im slowly clearing my pc down and keep finding stuff that i though i had saved to disc,anyway heres The Jam 1982 the gift tour,great recording of the jam in there final year!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


The killermeters are a great yorkshire mod band,they where around at the time of the mod revival of 78-79 and sort of never quite got the recognition that the other better known bands got, as most of the other mod bands had been at some stage a punk band the killermeters where no different, coming from the town of huddersfield they played a hell of  a lot of pubs and clubs including sheffield limit club, in 1981 they evolved into Soldiers are Dreamers which dont think lasted very long, they put out a single called charge! in the mid 90s on detour and have on and off gigged and played scooter rallies and mod events,i got to see them last year at sheffield leadmill supporting the chords and very good as well!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


 Couple of years ago i had a bit of time away from work (5 months) basically to take a breather away from all the usual bullshit and childishness and mainly working F**KING nights and have a bit of time seeing my son grow up and try and have a bit of a family homelife such as sitting down and having tea with my wife and son and not be dashing out to work after ive had one eye on the clock from getting out of bed! and having a beer at night,as my son was just getting in to football i decided to add a few more football grounds to my ever growing list that started way back in the late 70s and has grown in varying degrees on and off over the following 30 years,we started with the local non league grounds,some i had been to before (sheffield fc) and some where new ones, our local ground the coach and horses,the home of Sheffield fc the oldest club in the world was obviously the 1st to do again and i took a camera to keep a record of our little trips,Below is the ground of sheffield fc,the main stand behind the goal,this is a great little ground and with the pub backing on the the ground the gates are open at half time if you fancy a quick trip out to the pub.

The photo above was taken late december with sheffield fc playing hallam fc in a cup game which incidentally is the worlds oldest derby game,and this year hallam fc celebrated there own 150th year with what should have been a cracking boxing day game v sheffield fc which due to the bad snow and frost got cancelled and is now going to be played sometime towards the end of the season maybe over easter up at hallam fc's sandygate road ground which is also know as the oldest ground in the world as hallam have played on this ground since there founding year,the picture below is the  sandygate road ground with the cricket pitch over
to the right,hence hallam always playing catch up come september time due to the cricket side of the clubs fixtures so hallam tend to play the 1st 8 or so games away from home.nice little ground and in a very posh area of sheffield,hence the yellow lines all over the roads,and the locals none to pleased about there driveways being blocked on saturday's!!Anyway the club formed in 1860 making them the 2nd oldest club in the world! and sheffield home to the worlds first and oldest derby game!
Another ground we had a visit to although it was early in the summer was Staveley Miners Welfare FC,Not far away in the south side of chesterfield,the club play in the koolsport NCEL division one league,nice little ground with a small stand around the centre of the pitch line,the game we went to was a FA cup preliminary round against Bridgnorth Town FC with staveley running out 3-1 winners of a very good game,and by the way thats me below!!
Another ground we had a visit to was Dinnington town fc who play in Koolsport NCEL - Premier Division,dinnington are situated within the sheffield postcode area,although a good 12 mile maybe more from the city centre, the club has been around in various guises over the last 100 years or so and now play on what i think was the old dinnington colliery,the team is pretty much a big thing in dinnington as they have teams right down to under 8 level,on entering the ground there is a small covered standing area to the left and behind one of the goals there is a smallish stand pictured above great little setup at this club and with the league they are in there is always plenty of local derbies.

A saturday afternoon trip to belper town to watch sheffield fc in early february which was around 30 miles away just thru matlock,nice little ground tucked away down the back of a church, excellent club house and the main stand was very very pleasant to sit in and watch sheffield fc crumble towards the 2nd half, and lose 3-0, as always with club there is a little travelling band of faithful,and fair play to them as they seem to go all over, i must admit i could get addicted to doing the non league grounds as i reckon within 30 miles of my house there must be upwards of 40+ teams,the photo on the left is the main stand at belper,now if you are wondering where the football badges come into this post,ive got a pretty large collection of them,its the 2nd collection ive had, as i sold the 1st which was around 2500 badges in 1997 and they would have fetched even more money nowadays on ebay.
since 2004 ive designed and had made over 80 different sheffield wednesday badges and over 200 different club badges for various people and clubs as i deal direct with the factory out in china,Not done any for a while but im hoping to start again sometime this year,and maybe do a few scooter rally based badges,ive made a few for scooter clubs that went down very well.So anyway lets get back to the subject we started off at!!this post was going to be even longer but having spent a couple of hours searching discs for various photos i took of various grounds,i cant find em!! so im going to have to list the grounds we went to in that period of 4-5 months,we did all the grounds in the sheffield postcode.
Here's our rough list of where we went,
Stocksbridge park steels
Hallam fc
Sheffield fc
Dinnington town fc
Worsborough bridge athletic
Glapwell town
Maltby main fc
Parkgate fc
Armthorpe welfare fc
Shirebrook town
Rossington main fc
askern villa
Glasshoughton Welfare
Garforth Town
Frickley Athletic
Goole AFC
Grantham Town
matlock town
alfreton town
mansfield town
retford united
below is the little stand behind the goal at
And of course we cant forget the usual trip to watch wednesday!!
Now i had a pretty good week to all this in december when i was in rome for the weekend and we caught roma v cagliari, with roma winning 3-2 then on the tuesday i was at sheffield fc v hallam fc and then on boxing day at hillsborough for the 2-2 draw v blackpool,from a 40000 crowd at stadio olympico to 300 at the coach and horses and 30000 at hillsborough it was a great week!!
I may start adding a few entries from matches as it sort of ties in with the music, as when i go to football if i ever get talking to somebody i dont know it always seems to end up about music rather then the football! below is the MK Dons stadium of which i had the pleasure of a trip to pre season in 2008 on a lovely warm mid week evening, great ground nice big cinema type seats and you can even nip across the road to the IKEA and have a bargain hotdog or 2 and a can of cheap kopperberg cider!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


John peel sessions from 1979-83 great early stuff, i was well into the 1st couple of albums and the live 12 inch that was recorded at buxton,which i have somewhere! in fact me and a mate dressed in all the camouflage gear for about 6 months until bored with it all and we went back to our mod roots!!


Madness at the 02! this was the rearranged snowed off gig from early december when we had all that F**KING SNOW! i didnt have tickets for the gig but a mate had heard there where some returns advertised on the academy website so i nipped in quick and got 3 tickets after the usual bollox of having to create an account and then being ripped off with the booking fees etc, so here we where on the sunday and having a beer or 3 in cavells which was packed with the madness crowd all having a beer or 3 along to the sounds of the "Fat Piggy" ska disco,"Fat Piggy" (jamie) is a well known face around the ska and scooter scene in sheffield and beyond, and also a member of the seven hills scooter club,and he played some good tunes and threw in some pistols and clash to get the skinhead crowd totally confused (not hard)
So after about 6 pints we ventured across to a very very packed academy, it was just like all those years ago (32) everybody up for a good night,not sure what the support was called as they where a dance group singing to a backing track, these where a late addition due to Paul Heaton cancelling,few more beers and we where wobbling,and then here they came Madness!!! it was a greatest hits sort of thing and they where pretty good,you know what you are gonna get with madness, its crowd pleasers and it was just great to stand near the back and see the entire place bouncing around, not just the front but EVERYBODY! no chucking beer about and no fucking mobile phones in the air, a great night!not sure of the setlist as i was a bit worse for wear due to being 46 and liking a beer!
a great night and a great big hangover on monday morning! luckily i didnt have work,so a quick school run and back to bed!!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Adam and the ants from london roundhouse  14th may 1978,A great early recording of the ants before all the highway and pirate look came in and adam sold out! remember going to work one early morning in 1980 and pond street bus station was full of ant fans who had been to the gig the night before and had slept out in the station,it was a collection of some serious mohicans and clobber these where hardcore fans, ive never seen the band but been listening to some early peel sessions and they are truly awesome, if i think on i will upload them, heres the tracklisting
plastic surgery
puerto rican
b side baby
deutscher girls
it doesnt matter
bathroom function
dirk wears whitesocks
juanito the bandito

Thursday, 3 February 2011


Heres a great little session from 1978,the cure at there absolute best! never a big fan of theres apart from the 1st album which was very very different and very good!
Killing an Arab
10.15 Saturday Night
Fire in Cairo
Boys Don't Cry


Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Following on from my earlier post of Bill Nelson's Red Noise Sound On Sound album, i thought i would search out this 1977 release of his previous band Be Bop Deluxe's live set, this is a great introduction to nelsons writing skills with basically a fans favourite set played live,hard to understand why they never made the step from cult status to major stardom,maybe it was just how the balance of power in music moved so quick in 1977,i once had the vinyl of this which i got at a boot sale for a couple of quid alas it got sold on once i got Ebay Fever! please download this and give it a good play and go and search out the earlier Be Bop albums!


Many thanks to barnafin for these excellent Real People demos from 1997 all unreleased, these are a truly great find and a great snapshot of a very very underrated band!sorry it took so long to get em uploaded! heres the tracklisting
Do Without It
Don't Spread It
Feeling Lonely
Lets Kill The Nineties
Love In A Bag
No Ones Gonna
No Use
Pair Of Shoes
Please Don't Walk Away
She Wants It All
Take Me Back
The Baby
The Vicar

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


One of the 1st bands i seriously listened to that where not punk was Be Bop Deluxe, i had a friend who was a couple of years older then me who was into them, along with status quo and ELP! anyway he was a good lad and i went to speedway with him quite a lot in the late 70s,he just didnt get punk so we sort of parted ways as i made newer friends,anyway when cd's started coming out in the late 80s early 90s i bought all Be Bops albums and it was great to listen to them after something like 10-12 years,they split around 78 and bill nelson ever the pioneer of electro moved on to form Red Noise, i never got to see these or Be Bop,but this album was a completely different sound to what he had previously done, bill nelson also got involved with the skids around this time,anyway i was given a copy of this album recently and it took me back in time (again) a great album and nelson is still putting out albums left right and centre on his own label and via download,anyway please enjoy!!!!!!!