Monday, 31 January 2011


So bring the brummies on! a 4-1 victory against a very well organised Hereford United,who ran us in circles in the 1st half,only for the Wednesday to decide to turn up in the 2nd with J,Johnson having a excellent 2nd half scoring one and basically running the game!How quick has this last month gone? no sooner was xmas and new year out of the way and january reared its ugly head! all those expectations of what you are going to do differently in the new year fastly disappear quicker then a blade at half time with his team the usual 2-0 down!Anyway the mighty sheffield wednesday's non starter of a xmas footy fest slowly limped into the 1st game of the new year away at Huddersfield with a rather poor return of losing 1-0 to the terriers, 5 days later it was looking like the usual going out in the 3rd round of the FA Cup away at bristol city, with a poor 1st half out of the way wednesday came out of the starting blocks quicker then the robins and knocked 3 goals in, all within the space of 15 mins, job done next round.
A  2-2 home draw in the league against charlton athletic after having been 0-2 down after 6 mins and nearly winning it, with the crowd starting to chant for irvine's sacking which is slowly gathering speed, next game   0-0 at half time away to (Real madrid if you listen to irvine building the opposition up) Leyton Orient to stroll out 4-0 loss!The next game at home to Yeovil Town and yes you have guessed it, chasing the game again,and against a 9 man yeovil in front of a piss poor crowd of 16000,for us just to sneak a point out of it with johnson scoring with 4 minutes to go,surely irvine will be on his bike.
So music wise ive been listening to a lot of john peel sessions that i downloaded early in the month,of which ive uploaded some and got quite a few more to add to the blog,managed to also get tickets to see madness at sheffield 02 academy, which is a rearranged gig as the december one was cancelled due to the snow,so ive got a returned ticket!!Hopefully i will get uploaded sometime this week another Real people post, i got sent some demos early in the month and i keep forgetting to do the cover and get em uploaded so thats going up sometime this week! loads of you are visiting so please add yourself or just leave a comment!

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