Tuesday, 11 January 2011


A classic album from a totally underrated band, the skids came from dunfermline in fife,scotland and i think where founded in 1977 by stuart adamson on guitar, bill simpson on bass,tom kellichan on drums and not forgetting the great richard jobson on vocals/guitar,i 1st got into these with the "sweet suburbia"single in 1978,and i got most of the singles after that, i remember seeing the skids play sheffield limit club on a matinee performance which was full of 13-18 years and it was a riot, with richard jobson doing that great dance he had kicking his legs all over the place,and with the very low ceiling banging his head a few times! ive uploaded the "Scared to Dance" 1st album, yet another  album im having a serious revisit to,after something like 30 years! a truly great album full of great guitar and singalong lyrics, i can just see myself 30 years ago bouncing along truly demented to the great songs of the skids!!
Heres the tracklisting of the original album, the download has extra tracks from the cd release!

1. Into The Valley

2. Scared To Dance

3. Of One Skin

4. Dossier (Of Fallibility)

5. Melancholy Soldiers

6. Hope And Glory

7. Saints Are Coming

8. Six Times

9. Calling The Tune

10. Integral Plot

11. Scale

12. Charles


  1. Scared to dance is a punk classic love all tracks especially of one skin ,sweet suburbia saints are coming, good extra tracks as well, Stuart Adamson is a guitar legend in my book thank you mate for this

  2. you welcome martin, a great band,playing what i call good time music! all your mates would be up dancing laughing and joking,a bit of a difference from nowadays where its all cameras in the air and chucking beer about