Friday, 31 December 2010


Another gem from amazon! £1.69 to download! theres loads of peel sessions on amazon so check some of them out! heres the stranglers from 1977 with 3 tracks from the rattus album and one track from the late 1977 release "No more heroes", the 1st album is an absolute classic!!

Thursday, 30 December 2010


Heres one ive found lurking on the computer as im clearing everything down from it as its rather full!excellent recording of mr weller from some italian live fm broadcast, great songs, however you may have to put up with the presenter talking between songs.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

BYE BYE 2010,HELLO 2011!

What a bad month its been, a total write off,it was shaping up to be such a good end to the year and we copped for loads of snow,in fact it was worse then the snow we had at the beginning of the year,it was our busy time at work and the snow and ice just put us completely on the backfoot,to coin a phrase,"snowed under" thats our backgarden in case you are wondering, we started of the month with a trip to sheffield arena to see paul weller,a concert that shouldnt have gone ahead,the next day we where completely snowed in,unable to get to work we also missed a trip to see interpol 3 days later at manchester,so anyway the bad weather carried on and we had -10 temperatures and the roads covered in ice, our computers where down at work so i was unable to do a bit of blogging!
and its been a totally daft month for the mighty owls, the take over finally arrived,with Milan Mandaric buying the club for the grand sum of £1 and settling the club's debt of £7 million with the bank,plus an added bonus of seeing the clubs old boy network finally been shown the door,so december saw us losing down at swindon with the typical "old boy" getting the winning goal,JP Mcgovern, although we can forgive you!then back home for a thumping of poor old bristol rovers, even thou we where 0-1 down after 5 mins with toytown (rotherham) old boy will hoskins scoring for rovers only for the owls to decide to make a game of it and run out 6-2 winners,then a long trip down to the only game still on in the division at exeter city to see us be on the end of a thumping with exeter running out 5-1 winners,and then we came to our winter break, as hillsborough is on high ground it always suffers with the weather and this year even the river don at  the back of the south stand froze! hence loads of burst pipes and our xmas home programme is wiped out, plus the boxing day game at tranmere also cancelled so a case of twiddling thumbs!.
Ok so heres my choice of what ive listened to most over this year,i rediscovered the Vapors "New clear days" this year which was purely down to chance,its blogged elsewhere, and its been played a hell of a lot on the mp3 player and also on the house stereo,ive made myself a note to find it out as ive got it somewhere upstairs in the loft, by looking at my stats for this blog,its also been the page most visited on the site.

Next album is a newie, its got to be Paul Weller with "wake up the nation" a great big call to arms for the nation's youth to get up and make some decent music with a bit of anger and passion in it! this has got to be mr weller's best album for a long long time, its so loud and thrashy and so different,on release it got mixed reviews, the obviously "old guard" wanted a album full of jam sounding tunes and what they got was some serious groundbreaking sounds that gave a nod to various new bands,not going to bore you with a track by track,but if you aint heard it then get it!!

Erland and the carnival was another favourite of which i first heard on Jarvis cocker's excellent BBC radio 6 sunday programme,also highly rated by paul weller the band played support on some dates,this album has quite a bit of everything going on with the opening song having a great guitar riff thats very early 10.15 cure!theres 60s guitar, early electronica,hammond, folk, a bit of everything for everybody! and well worth a few listens to,again its been on my mp3 player most of the year and a favourite.
now on to the len price 3, i never would have thought how much of a fuss a caused by blogging this band,these must be one of englands hidden treasures,having come across a review of them in a sunday paper i had to check them out and glad i did! yet again a band that has never been of my stereo or mp3 for most of this year,with all 3 albums getting masses of play,a truly great combination of the who,the prisoners, iggy and the stooges 60s garage,when i started the blog it was just a bit of fun,but im so glad that ive been able to put fellow bloggers on to new music and the post i did on LP3 firmly did that! 

Also worth a mention of some of my favourites this year have been
The Solarflares,The Satelliters,my old 79 mod favs The Negatives,anyway see you all in the new year and best wishes to,skamanhackett,gaby,martin and herr pauli, for all your comments and support

Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Can you remember the excitment you felt when a new single came out from your favourite band? i was listening to radio 2 the other day and the singer Russell Watson came on talking about The Jam's Town Called Malice single,it got me thinking of a subject that ive discussed with mates and work colleagues over the last few years,it was the excitment of buying a new single or LP, it was an actual event,going back to my youth i would buy the NME and SOUNDS every thursday on my way to school, remember this is when the internet and mobile phones where something from a sci-fi film,and the only way you could keep up with the latest bands was thru these 2 music papers.

along with my mates we would go without school dinners all week to have enough money on a monday to make that trip into sheffield town centre to buy the latest releases,we would all sit on the bus talking about buying the latest Jam or Clash single, then the dash to usually virgin records on the moor to buy singles,it was one of the best feelings in the world at that time to be in possession of that 7 inches of vinyl record,it was like art to myself and my mates,we would sit on the bus going home willing the driver to go faster so we could get it on a turntable, and play the A side,then turn it over and play the B side! then do it all over again! we would sit and pass the picture covers around and discuss them and if the cover was as good as the last one etc,shops i would venture to in sheffield where Virgin records on the moor, Revolution on the exchange street gallery,Record Collector in broomhill,Violet May's at the back of the moor, and usually bradleys on fargate or K&D Records in the subway nr the hole in the road.

it was such an exciting time then to follow bands, i was always at a gig even tho i was still at school me and my mates always found a way in if we didnt have any money.Ive still got most of my 7 inch singles from over 30 years ago, flicking thru them i wondered where all that time had gone, certain records i can put a memory too, whereas sometimes i cant even remember what i did 5 minutes ago!

our son has started listening to music, he is only 8 but its the usual drivel thats pushed at them, its all there for him to get straight away,none of the excitment of record shopping which as i got older and got a job was usually the 1st thing we did on a saturday was hang around the record shops in sheffield (when wednesday werent playing!)
what ive done here is add a few pics of some of my favourite 7 inch singles,its maybe that i like the cover or that the record is a favourite song,just the pure buzz i got out of them at the time,im thinking of doing a complete month's blog of 7 inch singles, one per day if i can get my hands on a reasonably priced USB turntable and convert them to mp3 download files

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Not had time to post for a while due to work and the bad snow conditions in sheffield! still i had time to do a bit of sledging in a park nearby!!

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Had this a long time, i originally got it from a penpal i had out in Los Angeles in the 90s who would send me some serious music, this was before we had the internet and computers,it was on a tape and i had it converted on to cdr about 2003,ive since traded it a few times around 2006-07 and recently seen it on Ebay for sale quite a few times with a think the artwork i did for it,anyway here it is along with a promo of a US radio interview he did.

Thursday, 2 December 2010


one of the 1st tours paul did on resurfacing as a solo artist playing as the paul weller movement, i was at this half empty gig!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Probably the worse snow in years hit sheffield,and it shouldnt have gone ahead, outside the arena in the attercliffe area of sheffield was like a skating rink, well done sheffield council for your complete lack of gritting and snow ploughing attercliffe common yet the less busy brightside lane was snow free! A lot of people didnt make this gig which im told was down to weller's promoters insisting it went ahead! a completely snowbound carpark and flakes the size of your hand greeted the brave souls who made it, we live 8 miles away on a hill and we had 2 foot of snow by 4pm, a taxi ride to town and the tram got us to the arena square pub to meet a couple of friends and then the journey across the road to the arena,we got in as the bees where playing but didnt venture in to see them, im not the best at remembering the set list,so not in any order but he played amongst others, "moonshine" "wake up the nation" "seven and 3" "echoes round the sun""fast car slow traffic" "aim high" "trees" "up the dosage""push it along" "22 dreams""have you made up your mind" plus corrine bailey rae made an appearance with "wild wood" and "how sweet it is"

 having seen weller over 30 times it was a really different weller stage show from what he has done before,with a camera projecting images of the crowd onto two giant screens either side of the stage and the screens flashing images up of themes from the songs he played behind the stage,it was totally different and just shows you how weller has constantly pushed his own boundaries,only downside i thought was the usual "mod squad" mid 40s blokes dressed in harrington jackets and suede shoes and those silly boating jackets shouting for jam tunes,nowt wrong with weller slipping the odd one in,but it gets a bit boring when the biggest cheer sometimes is for old jam stuff,i was a mod 30 years ago, and im still a mod but i aint a stereotype mod and this crowd really bore me, be individual lads! anyway rant over!!
Jam songs played where "start" "pretty green" and "strangetown" plus a couple of council numbers,to make my night perfect for the encore our own legend Richard Hawley appeared to play on "no tears to cry" "pretty flamingo"and "andromeda" with paul announcing "its cuppa tea and breaky at hawleys in the morning" imgine living up greystones and seeing weller sliding about in the snow outside your house!Last encore with andy crofts(i think) playing guitar and singing a jam classic "art school" which is one of my favs and one of the reasons i got into the jam as a 13 year old.
so a great gig and i reckon with maybe a nearly half full arena,sheffield arena is never a good place for a gig but fair play to weller for doing it and playing new stuff,he could have dragged out all the hits but thank god he is never going to do it! got a couple of pictures but our camera has been dropped,kicked that many times its on its last legs so i may update later with any pictures i find on the facebook or flickr.a walk over to the centretainment for the tram and then a  walk to the railway station for a taxi which took us most of the way home in driving snow and then a 25 minute uphill walk home to be greeted by 3 foot high snow outside our house hence we had to do a few Beatles "HELP" laying in the snow type pictures!!!